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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: JIRA committers
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 16:41:02 GMT
Jim Hurley wrote:

> Someone whack me on the head if I've got this wrong -
> but we've had the ServiceUI code in a 'hold state' pending
> setting up the project for a month -- so I'd like to try and
> fix that (versus just adding another piece in a hold state).

Sometimes enough water against the dam will break its resistance ;-), so
I don't think the fact that no vote has been initiated for ServiceUI
should be a hurdle to get the other stuff in. Or is it that you are
afraid the outcome of the ServiceUI might bring substantial work for

BTW Jim I think you made us all very curious about the logo, any chance
you can submit it through JIRA.

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