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From Dan Creswell <...@dcrdev.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: Apache River Roadmap
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 09:47:27 GMT
Greg Trasuk wrote:
> Hi Mike:
> 	Welcome to Jini/River.  Please see comments and questions below.
> Cheers,
> Greg.
> On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 19:44, Herrick, Mike wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm a Jini/JavaSpaces newbie.
>> I've been observing a bit on this list and am quite excited about the
>> potential of Apache River.
>> I lived through years of J2EE, SOA, ESBs, etc. and could have lived
>> through years of Jini/JavaSpaces - this saddens me.
>> I view Apache River as the second (and likely final) chance at taking
> I don't know, Java's at 5, and who remembers Windows 1, 2, or 3.0?
>> Jini/JavaSpaces mainstream. I saw somewhere on this list someone
>> question if this was even a goal. Seems rather insane to me for it NOT
>> to be the goal. Why else did you torture yourselves getting legal
>> approval from Sun for Apache 2 license, getting accepted as a podling
>> etc.? There is a lot of buzz around Jini/JavaSpaces right now - people
>> are watching and the clock is tick tick ticking.
> I think the question is whether River is meant to be input or output,
> i.e. should River's deliverables be usable to a casual corporate
> developer, or is the project a toolkit that will be used by others
> (probably container developers, but I'm biased) to build deliverables

Hopefully not just container developers and I'm biased too ;)

I've personally packed Jini into all sorts of things without a container
 (in the classic J2EE style usage) to be seen.  So I guess we're saying
we want an OEM style thing coming out of River but suspect having River
then being a thing with which to drive adoption could be difficult
(market leads OEM's, OEM's don't so easily lead markets).

> that casual users will use?  I suspect we all agree that Jini/Javaspaces
> is a better alternative to SOA/ESB/etc (at least for many use cases), so
> we ought to sell it to the mainstream.  It's just a question of how to
> go about it.  There are differences of opinion out there.
>> I mean no offense, I know there are issues being worked out with getting
>> the code free and clear etc., but how about making a goal of having a
>> DRAFT Road Map for year 1 in say 2 weeks from now? Not everyone has to
>> agree, but something - a first rattle out of the gate. Something here
>> other than what is there now:
>> http://incubator.apache.org/river/roadmap.html
>> Step 1: March 1 - Working build with Apache River package names (or
>> something) 
> So long as you're here, could you suggest a step 2?

Or how about a set of stengths and weaknesses in what you see as "Jini".
	- Might be easier to form a roadmap from that and widen the debate some.

Oh actually, it might be interesting to ask "what do you see Jini as?"

> I'm actually not being facetious, I'd like to know the newcomer's
> perspective on (1) what is it that draws you to Jini, and (2) what needs
> to be easier to adopt.
>> As I consider investing in Jini/JavaSpaces the trend line of Apache
>> River is *very* important to me. I'm happy to help a little as learn
>> more, but I have no idea where to start.
>> Mike
>> http://fuzzypanic.blogspot.com/


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