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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: Drowning in the River
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 19:58:13 GMT
Dan Creswell wrote:

> Yeah,  River could be a place for this but better scale and freedom
> might be achieved by following a more Linux type model where people
> maintain these projects whereever and when they get critical
> mass/popular acclaim or whatever get merged or moved or whatever.

That is also a model and I have no wisdom to say whether that is better
or not. But below some things that crossed my mind.

I wonder whether if you can get successful as an open source project
somewhere else why would you make the move to the ASF (I'm aware
established project do sometimes). Is the ASF also not all about
facilitating communities and providing a trusted legal body, that
way providing a lower barrier to participate for individuals/companies
etc. We have have different places where people are able to operate as
group/community but I can't recall them being successful (in terms of
diversity of committers), most of them are all individually/company led

Maybe this is like cursing in the church but is being part of the ASF
not also taking advantage of the brand and should that attract new and
old people to participate. I've seen remarks floating around from which
I can only conclude the ASF is the Lourdes of OSS ;-)

Also if attracting more developers to Jini is about becoming more
'buzzword compliant' such as with 'Spring enabling everything' should
Apache River be a place where that work can be done? For me there are
boundaries such as the work at Apache River should not violate with
Jini's core principles, but there are huge gray areas where people might
want to go and where I'm not in the position to judge whether that is
right or wrong, although I might silently think they have been smoking

There are code and concepts I will defend fiercely and as long as we can
exercise control over that not being 'infected' by the grass smokers ;-)
I think I am fine with that, assuming there is really a group of people
that can agree to work on something and whether the organizational model
can cater for that.

The people circling around the 'core' *might* well be the people that
are partly subject to Jini not getting as popular as it deserves, if
those core people are going to judge each and every line of code
submitted here it might stay rather quiet here and the psychiatric
clinics full of people. For this purpose I hope we can decouple a few
things in the future and maybe a second stage rocket can propel 'Jini'
into space.

As you might read between the lines and the absurdities I'm not so sure
about many things concerning the way forward with this project as a
whole. It will be the outcome of a lot of things, therefore I have great
troubles to say what is right or wrong at this stage. And with the
omission of a Jini god whispering in my ear I'm afraid I can't ask for
anything else as just starting with what we have now, get the essentials
in place and see how things progress. I hate to spend loads of time
discussing what we should/could do with no clear outcome to just find
out there is no substantial participation from the first moment on.

Just some thoughts I have ... I'm really looking forward to insights
provided by others by which I can make up my mind.

BTW any implied relation between Spring lovers and those smoking grass
is purely based on coincidence.

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