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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: thoughts on River project organization...
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 21:14:17 GMT
Fabrizio Giudici wrote:

> For this reason, if "users" above means a restricted group, no problems 
> (please forgive my ignorance but it's the first time I follow an 
> incubator project). If it means the wolves, I'd be worried about 
> "thrashable builds"...

Hi Fabrizio,

 From what I understand incubation is all about attracting a developer
community and not a user community and that it is not expected to do a
'public' release while we are in incubation, so a marketing campaign
doesn't seem right. For that reason I also used internal between
brackets when mentioning the release.

I know there is a bunch of patches in Sun since the last public release
that are likely tested by them, so I don't worry these being integrated
and taken through the process if a complete test environment is not in

I can be wrong but I don't think that there is a huge amount of
code waiting to be integrated at day one. And I have confidence that
those who know the test framework and the codebase can and will say "Hey
this is a tricky patch, please hold that one back until the test
framework is up and running.".

But without knowing what is required for hosting the test and in what
time it can be arranged this is all getting a bit hypothetical. So maybe
it would be nice if Nigal's question of January 6th gets answered:

"what hardware to we have available from Apache on which to run builds
and tests? How do other teams handle testing resources?"

Also did he ask "would Sun be willing to continue any testing or offer
hardware resources?"

On which Jim Hurley responded "We (Sun) have some testing/hardware
resources that we could probably contribute (it would be more of a short
term vs. long term thing, though). For example, if we (Apache River)
were to complete some bug fixes/rfes in the near term, Sun might be able
to do some testing to help get out a release. We need to discuss a
workable testing model that will work over the long term, though."

Maybe some others could shed some light on how they want to progress
with regard to this subject.

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