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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject thoughts on River project organization...
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 05:54:15 GMT
Hi all-

We've had a lot of good discussion on the list over
the past month, but things haven't progressed as
much as I think they could have. That's certainly just
partly due to the nature of starting up a new project
in a new space (for some of us), as well as not
having the contributed block of code from the Starter
Kit, Service UI, and testing in the project yet. It also seems
to me, though, that some organization around the
project could help us focus and make some good

To that end, I've gone back through the ~200 list
messages, and tried to pull out a main list of topics.
Would it help to have this on a wiki to help us track?

If ya'll think this (organization) is a good idea -- I'd
like to agree on the initial list, where to put it, and
how best to attack it. Let me know what you think.

thanks -Jim


Here are some of the topics/issues that have been


1) Accepting main initial contributions:
       - Service UI code (vote needed?)
       - Starter Kit code
       - test code

2) Overall vision/characterization and goals of the project
       - Continuation of what's been done, new
         stuff, something else?  If new stuff, expansion
         of core (horizontal) or vertical?
       - short term (e.g., plug replacable with existing release?
         compatibility?)   and longer term goals
       - split the project in various pieces?
       - define a platform?
       - spec (in)compatibility goals
       - deliverables?  repackage?  separate releases/distributions?
         different services? core?
       - how does Service UI fit in?
       - still developing a "Starter Kit"?

3) Need TODO areas
       - "I want to help in River, what do I do?"

4) Roadmap
      - which version of J2SE?
      - when to convert com.sun.jini to org.apache.river namespace
      - support for "Jini across the firewall"
      - replacement (if any) for the starterkit installer
      - at what point do we force developers to change their
        existing scripts (e.g., com.sun.jini.start, config files,
        policy files)
     - "Subcomponents"?   Organizing the code repository and site
        For separate releases, etc
     - what kind of releases? and when?

  5) Project organization and process guidelines/standards
      - formation of PPMC?
      - how to accept new committers?
      - committers vs. non-committers?
      - monthly incubator status reports
      - status file <http://incubator.apache.org/projects/river.html>
        page updates?

      - use of JIRA  (for everything, for only 'significant' things)?
      - use JIRA for site updates?
      - defining the JIRA components (website/infrastructure/
        contributions/serviceui/jtsk?) (java package names?)
      - move bugs from Sun db over?

7) Javadoc / Specs / Documentation
      - how/where host (Javadoc/specs/doc)

8) Testing
      - what's needed/required?
      - how to establish automated test execution?

9) Misc
      - <http://incubator.apache.org/river/>   page updates?
      - project logo?


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