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From "Gianugo Rabellino" <gian...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Contributor License Agreement feedback
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 11:03:51 GMT
On 1/3/07, Mark Brouwer <mark.brouwer@cheiron.org> wrote:
> I faxed the CLA, should I expect some sort of confirmation (I understand
> it will take time).

Nope, our poor secretary is overwhelmed with work already, you won't
get any confirmation except if/when things go wrong.

> Or is there a list (looked for it but couldn't find
> it) that lists all the people for which a CLA is on file.

There is a list, yes, but it's not public. We can monitor it for you
and no, upsofar you're not listed. Should happen in the next few
hours, I guess.

Gianugo Rabellino
Sourcesense, making sense of Open Source: http://www.sourcesense.com
Orixo, the XML business alliance: http://www.orixo.com
(blogging at http://www.rabellino.it/blog/)

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