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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: new site added to SVN and published
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 09:48:15 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> On Jan 18, 2007, at 3:40 AM, Mark Brouwer wrote:
>> Phil Steitz wrote:
>>> On 1/16/07, Jim Hurley <Jim.Hurley@sun.com> wrote:
>>>> I have fax'ed in what I think is the needed legal agreement
>>>> from Sun.  Not sure what ACK I should expect (if any), or what
>>>> the next step is.
>>> The CCLA has been recorded.  The next logical step is a vote to 
>>> accept, but
>>> that doesn't make much sense until the PPMC is set up and that 
>>> requires CLAs
>>> all around.  Are we all covered yet?
>> Dunno, see
>> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-river-dev/200701.mbox/browser,

>> so far it has not been corrected.
> I don't understand what you think needs to be corrected...  It looks ok...

Sorry Geir, it seems that it ain't trivial to link to the archives. Is
there a way one can refer to the archives that makes sense?

I was referring to my statement that I've seen an unlisted CLA
referring to "Mark Brommer" that arrived shortly after faxing the CLA at
http://people.apache.org/~jim/committers.html which I think is due to my
handwriting. I asked if somebody could correct that, so far no answer to
that question, hence this posting. As I've no clue about any legal
implications of me going forward as Mark Brommer the rest of my life I
thought of it as worth mentioning.

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