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From Mark Brouwer <mark.brou...@cheiron.org>
Subject Re: new site added to SVN and published
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 07:50:11 GMT
Hi Nigel,

Nigel Daley wrote:

>> Often it requires multiple changes to the code for the same issue before
>> everybody is happy (I think/hope this will be a very picky community :-)
>> and I admit I'm an infant with SVN (Perforce addict) but wouldn't a
>> report generated by SVN contain a lot of clutter in that case. Also for
>> release notes I really like the issue description instead of the
>> comments people in general use for their commit.
> +1.  I suspect a CHANGES.txt file that is hand maintained by committers 
> may be more useful at release time.

I always create a RELNOTES file in which I copy the JIRA generated
release notes, and provide a link to JIRA where everybody can generate
the release notes himself against a given version.

Look at 

for an example.

>> If I recall correctly the Jini team didn't write a single character
>> before there was an issue in their tracking system. I adopted this style
>> and found it worth while on a rather stable codebase. I'm curious to
>> know what the others think of this.
> In my (limited) experience with an ASF project, occasionally a JIRA is 
> created and a patch is attached to it all within a minute.  Clearly the 
> person had completed the patch before creating a JIRA.  Are you saying 
> to want to preclude this?  I don't see a reason to.

I don't want to preclude that when it is only occasionally, I do that
sometimes too. But I must admit I only do it for the task that just
pop-up and can be solved in the minute (those highly rewarding ones).
Anything else has the smell of secretly working on some stuff and sneak
in with good hopes nobody notices ;-)

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