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From Dan Creswell <...@dcrdev.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Source drop and bug database
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 14:32:37 GMT
Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> Mark Brouwer wrote:
>> 3) JTSK code version 2.1.1 [1], all parts which Sun can transfer to the
>>    ASF, even the code we will likely remove [2] according to the roadmap
>> 4) Outstanding issues against JTSK version 2.1.1
> I would prefer that there be a base revision eqivalent to the last
> public release of the JTSK from the old jini.org drop.  Any additional
> changes on top of that should be checked in as revisions to that
> baseline so that everyone with changes to the base can easily extract
> and generate diffs to work on arriving at a common codeline that will
> benefit all of us who have been making bug fixes and other related
> changes that we will need to be able to generate tangible diffs for
> consideration by the committers.

Yer, so I'm not sure but I think Mark might be talking about outstanding
RFE's, Bug Reports etc rather than patches etc.

However, if I'm wrong and he is talking about patches, I'm with you.


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