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From Douglas Service <>
Subject Re: What's the blessed way to compile REEF.NET right now?
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2017 21:46:24 GMT
Yesterday Julia asked me if we should remove the string and I said yes
because it appeared that nuget was figuring out the dependency, but it was
not as I had added it to 10.x json entry to wake for one of my other pull
requests. So this is my fault.


On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 2:37 PM, Douglas Service <> wrote:

> I will explain what I know about this problem.
> The Microsoft.Avro.Core / Microsoft.Avro.Tools nuget packages require the
> 10.x version json and I had this all working by having both the 8.x and
> 10.x in the same packages.config file like this:
> <packages>
>   <package id="Microsoft.Avro.Core" version="0.1.0"
> targetFramework="net451" developmentDependency="true" />
>   <package id="Microsoft.Avro.Tools" version="0.1.0"
> targetFramework="net451" developmentDependency="true" />
>   <package id="Newtonsoft.Json" version="10.0.3" targetFramework="net451"
> developmentDependency="true" />
>   <package id="Microsoft.Hadoop.Avro" version="1.5.6"
> targetFramework="net45" />
>   <package id="Newtonsoft.Json" version="8.0.3" targetFramework="net45" />
>   <package id="StyleCop.MSBuild" version=""
> targetFramework="net45" developmentDependency="true" />
> </packages>
> Note that the 10.x version is marked as a development dependency which
> builds and tests properly from the command line.
> msbuild .\lang\cs\Org.Apache.REEF.sln
> msbuild .\lang\cs\TestRunner.proj
> Julia or Maria found a problem where the running tests from visual studio
> would not run with an error about duplicate entries in packages.config
> file. I discovered that if you build in visual studio, delete the json 10.x
> line from the packages.config file, and run the tests in visual studio, the
> tests run fine in visual studio. This shows that visual studio is not
> respecting the development dependency flag like msbuild does.
> Since msbuild handles both the build and testing properly with json 10.x
> as a development dependency, and running tests in visual studio is only be
> for debugging purposes for which there is a work around until we upgrade
> all of REEF to json 10.X when we go to the new project files, we should
> reverse REEF-1832 that removed the json 10.x entry.
> Doug
> On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 2:08 PM, Markus Weimer <> wrote:
>> The error with NewtonSoft JSON seems to originate in
>> `AvroCodeGeneration.targets` line 136. The target `SetupAvroCodeGen`
>> is run and it tries to copy `$(NewtonsoftLibrary)`. That variable is
>> set in `Org.Apache.REEF.Bridge.CLR.csproj` line 34 to point to version
>> 10.0.3 of the library, while only version 8.0.3 is installed.
>> @Doug: Can you advise how to fix this? Just point this to 8.0.3
>> doesn't work, right? Avro depends on version 10.x of JSON.
>> Thanks,
>> Markus

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