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From Douglas Service <>
Subject List of tasks to complete CoreCLR conversion
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 01:23:19 GMT
Here is a list of tasks that appear to be necessary to complete the
conversion to CoreCLR. I would appreciate your feedback so once we have
agreement I can open JIRAs for all of the agreed upon work items. Please
modify the list in place. Items marked as a task would constitute a single
commit and all subitems would need to be completed before a submit is
possible due to dependencies.

   - Protobuf 3.0
      - Java
         - (Task) Move all .proto files used by both java and C# to a
         common directory such as lang/common/proto.
         - (Task) Enable shading of protobuf 3.0 in maven project files
         - (Task) Convert all protobuf usage on java side to 3.0
            - Add syntax = "proto2"; to all java .proto files
            - Update all calling locations in java code due to changes in
            generated code
         - C#
         - (Task) Covert all protobuf usage on C# side to 3.0
            - Remove generated files from source tree and git
            - Add syntax = "proto2"; to all java .proto files
            - Add protoc code generation to C# build
            - Update all calling locations in C# code due to changes in
            generated code in the following projects (based in inclusion of
            protofbuf-net in NuGet package manager):
               - REEF.Common
               - REEF.Driver
               - REEF.Evaluator
               - REEF.Evaluator.Tests
               - REEF.Network
               - REEF.Tang
               - REEF.Tang.Tests
               - REEF.Tests
               - REEF.Wake
            - Avro
      - (Task) Design and implement an isolation layer that implements the
      functionality we use in Avro based on protobuf 3.0.
      QUESTION: Is the use of Avro in any of the projects independent of
      the other projects such that one could replace the use of Avro
in only that
      project with protofuf 3.0 to reduce the size and risk of the commit?
      - (Task) Replace Avro in the following projects (based on recursive
      grep using namespace names in .avsc files):
         - C#
            - REEF.Driver
            - REEF.Common
            - REEF.Tang
            - REEF.Client
         - java
            - reef-bridge-client
            - reef-bridge-java
            - reef-io
            - reef-tang
            - reef-runtime
            - reef-runtime-mesos
            - reef-runtime-multiwebserver
            - reef-runtime-hindsight
            - reef-runtime-yarn
            - reef-examples
            - reef-webserver
            - Nameservice??
   - Driver (Task)
      - Replace C++ CLI code with protobuf 3.0
      - Convert to two processes one C# the other java


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