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From Markus Weimer <>
Subject Re: .Net Core Compatibility
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2016 15:32:53 GMT
On 2016-09-02 1:12 PM, Shravan Matthur Narayanamurthy wrote:
> As you might have noticed, there is work in REEF-334 that is trying
> to enable use of REEF.Net on linux by making the REEF.Net code
> CoreCLR compliant.

Much appreciated!

> One idea that has been floating around is to make the .Net Core
> portability analyzer a part of our build infrastructure and check
> for regressions.

This should be doable. Does the analyzer need to be installed or can we
e.g. make a MBSBuild task to download the analyzer to our build machines
and apply it?

> Another is to create a new solution targeted for CoreCLR and
> including the files that have been deemed compliant and make
> building this solution a step in our build infrastructure.

This should, in principle, be better. But maintaining multiple build 
files could be more of a challenge than is worth it. Maybe we do that 
once full sub-projects compile on CoreCLR? I believe for this to work, 
all REEF devs will have to also install CoreCLR on their machines, right?


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