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From Markus Weimer <>
Subject Where to write designs?
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 17:59:56 GMT

designs evolve over time, which relies on feedback and discussion. An 
example is REEF-1223, which is the design / discussion for the first 
level of fault tolerance in IMRU. There is a design document attached, 
but also a very large discussion thread.

For someone new to the subject, it is pretty hard to ramp up on our 
current thinking on the matter. Similarly, leaving comments is getting 
harder with time, as the design doc is read-only and probably not current.

I believe we need better tools for this. In my day job, we use shared 
documents and inline comments for this. That way, we have a "living 
document" which is always current and contains *anchored* comments by 
everybody. When this converges, we have a design.

Maybe we could use the wiki for this? At least, it would create a living 
document with a URL. However, CWiki doesn't seem to support anchored 
comments. Another option would be to use one of the cloud word 
processors and link to those docs?

WDYT? Is this a concern that needs addressing?


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