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From Markus Weimer <>
Subject Re: REEF 0.15
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 00:36:29 GMT
Looking at the things currently marked as blocked, the following
should be blockers:

  * [REEF-1354](, the
Java side of the .NET support for multi-runtime, as it blocks an
important user.
  * [REEF-1375]( for
the same reason.
  * [REEF-1323]( and
[REEF-1243](, as they
refer to known test failures we can fix.

I'm OK with postponing the following:

  * [REEF-1230](, as
we won't have the full multi-runtime in 0.15
  * [REEF-400](, as we
can't act on it (AVRO dependency)

Which leaves two issues I am unsure about:

  * [REEF-330]( is
about porting our .NET functional tests to the new client API, which
in turn enables us to test on YARN. I'd love to see that sooner rather
than later, but it also strikes me as a lot of work. WDYT?
  * [REEF-195]( is
about making sure our assemblies and the NuGets always have the same
version. This makes the life of the release managers much easier.
Also, it should be almost simple to fix: IIRC, NuGet automatically
picks up the version of the DLL. So all we need to do is delete all
version statements from our nuspecs. This should be doable in the
tradition of improving our release process in every release.


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