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From Markus Weimer <>
Subject Re: Issues with running on yarn
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2016 00:22:11 GMT
On 2016-04-12 16:50, Dhruv Mahajan wrote:
> I see very wierd....Lemme again try rerunning...I was doing:
> mvn clean install -DskipTests followed by compiling C# code. Lemme retry.

I am very paranoid when it comes to clean builds and execute the 
following as a clean in powershell:

function Clean-REEF{
   Invoke-Expression 'msbuild 
$REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\Org.Apache.REEF.sln /m /nr:false /t:Clean'
   # Perform some more deletes because I don't trust MSBuild
   Stop-Process -Force -Name MSBuild
   Get-ChildItem -Path $REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\ -Recurse -Filter obj 
             | Remove-Item -Recurse
   Get-ChildItem -Path $REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\ -Recurse -Filter bin 
             | Remove-Item -Recurse
   Get-ChildItem -Path $REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\ -Recurse -Filter target 
             | Remove-Item -Recurse
   Get-ChildItem -Path $REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\ -Recurse -Filter 
REEF_LOCAL_RUNTIME | Remove-Item -Recurse
   Get-ChildItem -Path $REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\ -Recurse -Filter 
TestResults        | Remove-Item -Recurse
   Get-ChildItem -Path $REEFSourcePath\lang\cs\ -Recurse -Filter 
packages           | Remove-Item -Recurse

This deletes everything, including the downloaded NuGets.


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