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From Markus Weimer <>
Subject Re: Local end-to-end project in REEF.NET
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 18:02:09 GMT
On 2016-01-14 07:57, Andrew Chung wrote:
> On that note, I propose to separate unit and end-to-end tests in
> O.A.R.Tests into 2 projects, with the project hosting the end-to-end tests
> not being a friend project to any other projects.
> What do you think?

This sounds good. We should also have a single launcher for all of them,
as we currently add a new project whenever we need a new .exe, which
isn't sustainable in the long run.

The same "friend" business actually repeats itself one level higher:
NuGet and MSBuil do not share the same dependency mechanism. Hence,
dependencies *within* a solution are different from dependencies
*across* solutions. This means that our examples and tests currently do
not ensure that our NuGets actually are complete and work.

It might make sense to move our examples and integration tests into
their own solution altogether to also check for that. However, that
creates the added complexity of managing the dependency between them and
the REEF NuGets. Maybe best to do it one step at a time.


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