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From Scott Wilson <scott.bradley.wil...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Discuss] More demo gadgets
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 08:17:19 GMT

On 2 Sep 2011, at 07:17, Jasha Joachimsthal wrote:

> On 1 September 2011 20:04, Marlon Pierce <mpierce@cs.indiana.edu> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hi all--
>> Ankur Goyal has compiled a list of gadgets (mostly simple) from the OGCE
>> Gadget Container that can be ported straightforwardly into Rave.  These
>> include some useful ones (facebook, gmail clients, google talk) and some
>> that at least have instructive potential.  Do we want to include these in
>> Rave trunk?  If so, where? For simplicity and reliability, I suggest these
>> be deployed into the Rave tomcat server under new webapp ("demo-gadgets").
> Hosting our own widgets is a very useful addition to the portal. You can add
> them as static resources, but why don't we add them to the existing database
> of the portal? We can either extend the existing Widget bean with fields to
> contain the actual definition, thumbnail and screenshot. Or we split up the
> current Widget bean: a widget that is hosted by a 3rd party and a widget we
> host ourselves. Just like we have a form to add a new externally hosted
> widget, we can have a form to add a new widget we want to host from the
> portal with different fields because administrators should be able to
> upload/paste the images and widget definition.
> Then you don't need a new webapp for only hosting our own widgets.

In Wookie we have a "deploy" folder where we drop packaged W3C Widgets (.wgt) files to deploy
them - this means we can have collections of widgets in the project that we can deploy during
the build process by copying the files with an Ant task. (No forms required)

For OpenSocial gadgets, can you use a similar process? So package up the gadget's resources
and XML descriptor in a zip and drop it into a watched location for Rave to unpack and host

> Jasha

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