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From yuanchenl <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] incubator-quickstep issue #336: Fixed the bug that Executor / Cli does not c...
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2018 06:06:08 GMT
Github user yuanchenl commented on the issue:

    Sorry for the late reply. 
    Seg fault encountered when I am trying to copy content from tbl to an existing table.
    Here's the output of the executor:
    cxxdev@shiftboss-0:~/quickstep/build$ GLOG_logtostderr=1 ./quickstep_distributed_cli_shell
-role=Executor -use_ethernet_ip -tmb_server_ip=
    I0306 05:59:10.842419   265 CalculateInstalledMemory.cpp:42] Total installed memory is
168777637888 bytes
    I0306 05:59:10.844399   265 DataExchangerAsync.cpp:143] DataExchangerAsync Service listening
    I0306 05:59:10.846756   265 InputParserUtil.cpp:51] Empty worker affinities provided,
switching to default worker affinities
    --num_workers is 40, but only specified 0 CPU affinities with --worker_affinities. 40
workers will be unaffinitized.
    I0306 05:59:10.902333   265 StorageManager.cpp:238] StorageManager with Client 5 starts
with Domain 2
    I0306 05:59:10.902842   265 Shiftboss.cpp:100] Shiftboss TMB client ID: 6
    I0306 05:59:10.960115   265 QuickstepDistributedCli.cpp:90] executor is ready
    I0306 06:01:52.119858   270 WorkOrderFactory.cpp:555] Creating TextScanWorkOrder for Query
8 in Shiftboss 0
    Segmentation fault
    To replicate the error, please load the region tbl from the tcp-h using "copy region from
'[path/to/region.tbl]' with (delimiter '|');"
    The region.tbl file I used is generated by the "dbgen -s 10" command.


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