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From Dylan Bacon <dba...@wisc.edu>
Subject Quickstep Network Mode and C++ Sockets
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:49:21 GMT

I am attempting to interface with Quickstep using its NetworkCliClient 
and it's not working as I would expect. I have the default port and IP 
set to 3000 and and am attempting to send single queries to be 
processed over in my test harness. From what I could tell of the code 
when QS is in network mode it accepts a socket connection and string 
input from that function and processes it in NetworkCliClient.hpp and 
NetworkCliClientMain.cpp, and yet this is not happening with my test 
code. The connection is being established but Quickstep does not seem to 
be doing anything with the queries that come in.

Attached is the test code that I am using. test is just a table by that 
name, I'm selecting a literal from it so the contents shouldn't matter. 
I've also attempted to create a table with this but Quickstep did not 
process that.


Dylan Bacon
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Computer Sciences

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