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From Dylan Bacon <dba...@wisc.edu>
Subject Multiple Hash Join Table Errors
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2017 00:19:04 GMT
I'm working on getting the build functionality of two hash tables in a 
single physical plan node to work. The code for this can be found at my 
fork branch here 
or in the associated PR on the main tree. I've been running into a 
key.isPlausibleInstanceOf error when the BuildGeneralizedHash attempts 
to populate a hash table. The key types used are not plausible it seems, 
though everything seems to be in order.

The code can be found starting at ExecutionGenerator.cpp:1124 and 
following the classes and execution order for that function. Is there 
anything fundamental to how a hash table in a given query context or 
plan node works that would prohibit two being used at the same time or 
would cause them to conflict in some way? Both hash tables should fit 
within memory for this first implementation.


Dylan Bacon
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Computer Sciences

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