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From Jignesh Patel <jmp.quicks...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: release announcement + thinking about demos
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2017 22:02:52 GMT
Great idea Marc about making an announcement. And a big CONGRATULATIONS to you, the team and
our mentors for getting us here. This is a huge accomplishment!!

Building on Harshad’s idea for a terse description, how about: High performance auto-managed
SQL data processing platform that can be used in a variety of settings, including serverless

IMHO, I think the self-managed/zero-knobs approach aspect of Quickstep is quite timely given
the next evolution beyond traditional micro-services (which really never did data quite right).
We need to emphasize it more centrally going forward, I think. 

More concretely, I’m wondering if it might make sense to put a demo together with Airflow
or TensorFlow to highlight this aspect of Quickstep. We can pick a general-purpose programming
language, such as Python, and generate a simple API to Quickstep from that language. The serverless
nature of Quickstep means there is zero configuration needed. This is sweet for rapid prototyping,
and even more. 

Assuming we have a Python API (both TensorFlow and Airflow are friendly to this API), we can
think of building a data workflow that has some aspect of data ingest, cleaning, selecting/subsetting,
and model building. Quickstep could be used in the data-heavy portions. 

What would be so cool about this demo? Imagine the data is stored in a cloud file system.
Load up this workflows in a container and it works without any database configuration (you
can’t get that with any other data platform that I can think of). Want to upgrade? Simply
spin up a container with more resources, rerun the pipeline. Quickstep auto-detects, auto-scales,
and does not require any parameter tuning. Zero knobs is ideal for such deployments that I
think are crucial, and not just for “toy” settings. Today you can go get a 64core boxes
with TB memory for about a dollar/hour (if you allow pre-emption). You can do a lot in that
box, and Quickstep can help. 

I think a few demos may get more people interested in Quickstep. Comments? Other ideas? 


On 3/25/17, 10:07 AM, "Harshad Deshmukh" <harshad@cs.wisc.edu> wrote:

    Hi Marc,
    I don't know about the Apache protocol, so may be the mentors may have something to say
about that.
    How about saying high performance,  relational data processing engine developed in C++?
    The release is very exciting! I will start another thread regarding publicity of the release.
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    From: Marc Spehlmann
    Sent: Saturday, March 25, 9:57 AM
    Subject: release announcement
    To: dev@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
    Hello quickstep, I am going to send an announce email to a few of the other apache lists
later today. Is there anything special about this release that we want to mention (besides
that it's our first release)? If not, that's fine, I will send this email: ___ The Apache
Quickstep (incubating) team is pleased to announce the release of Quickstep 0.1.0 (our very
first release!) Quickstep is a high-performance C++ SQL database. The release is available
at: https://quickstep.incubator.apache.org/release Thank you, The Apache Quickstep (incubating)
team ___ --Marc

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