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From Julian Hyde <jh...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Fixing git submodule commits to a release
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2017 21:18:05 GMT
And by the way, I might be giving you completely bad advice here. The general advice is that
a release should work standalone and be robust when other projects change. But I don’t know
how you should achieve it. I’ve never made a release of a project in any language other
than java. You guys should see what similar Apache projects do, and consider asking a question
on general@incubator.

> On Jan 8, 2017, at 12:22 PM, Marc Spehlmann <spehl.apache@gmail.com> wrote:
> Julian mentioned that it's unsafe to have submodules track from the head of
> their respective repo because things can break unexpectedly.
> I'm thinking a small change we can do is simply fix the submodules to a
> release commit.
> Google Test: release 1.8.0
> https://github.com/google/googletest/releases/tag/release-1.8.0
> Google RE: release 2017-1-1
> https://github.com/google/re2/releases/tag/2017-01-01
> Google Protobuf2: 2.6.1
> https://github.com/google/protobuf/releases/tag/v2.6.1
> Zuyu, I know there's some work you did switching to proto3, can you comment
> on this?
> Thanks,
> Marc

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