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From Roman Shaposhnik <...@apache.org>
Subject Plans for Quickstep community development
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2016 03:22:41 GMT
Hi Quicksteppers!

we've had a couple of threads of discussion recently all
pointing to the fact that Quickstep community may need
an explicit plan for growth. Especially when it comes to
a committed PPMC hopefully much larger than just 3
members I seem to see these days.

So, with my mentor's hat on, I'd like to request that the
community starts working on a plan of how to do that
and we present this plan to IPMC during our next
scheduled report. And speaking of IPMC -- it may be
totally ok (nee -- great!) to ask them for help around
ideas for community growth and PPMC stabilization.
Another good place would be dev@community.apache.org.

At this point, though, we need the beginnings of an
actionable plan and I hope this thread will produce one.

The plan, of course, needs to answer at least the following
two questions:
   1. what's required to make sure this community has
    at least an IP release (something that may be even worse
    than alpha in feature quality but is clean from licensing
    and IP perspective) by the end of this year

    2. what's required to make sure that there's more than 3
    ppl on the PPMC with reasonable time commitments
    to the project.


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