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From Jignesh Patel <jipa...@pivotal.io>
Subject Re: Apache Quickstep (incubating) on-boarding
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2016 04:10:43 GMT
Thanks Roman for all your help with getting Quickstep on Apache. 

Two quick notes: 

#1: The ICLA that you had for Pivotal (to get you the public github repo) doesn’t transfer
to Apache. Hence the request for the new ICLA below. 

#2: Here are the address to send emails to get you on the official lists: 

dev-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org <mailto:dev-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org>,
user-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org <mailto:user-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org>,

commits-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org <mailto:commits-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org>,

issues-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org <mailto:issues-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org>,
private-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org <mailto:private-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org>

After filling the ICLA, I just sent one email with all these addressed on the To: list and
 that got me on all of them. (You do get a confirmation email from each list that you have
to respond to finish the authentication.)


> On Apr 17, 2016, at 3:28 PM, Roman Shaposhnik <rvs@apache.org> wrote:
> Hi!
> as many of you may know by now all of the infrastructure
> required for an ASF project is now available to Quickstep:
>    https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-11645
> Here's what needs to happen next:
>    0. Make sure to sign and submit your ICLA to ASF ASAP.
>    ICLA is a statement from you that enables us to finalize
>    provisioning of your ASF ID and enable you to commit to
>    the Quickstep repository. It is a legally binding document
>    and as such please make sure you understand what you're
>    signing up for. If you are employed somewhere other than
>    Pivotal please make sure to talk to your supervisor before
>    signing ICLA. The document itself is available at:
>         https://www.apache.org/licenses/icla.pdf
>    Please make sure to fill in all the information, sign and submit it
>    to secretary@apache.org. DO MAKE SURE to include
>    your desired ASF ID on the ICLA. In order to verify whether your
>    favorite ID is already taken or not go here:
>        http://people.apache.org/committer-index.html
>   and look it up. This official ASF ID will be your primary ID for
>   accessing things like Git and most core ASF infrastructure.
>   This is how your are know to ASF officially. Btw, you can manage
>    it at http://id.apache.org.
>   1. There are, however, a few other IDs that you will have to have.
>   Those don't require ICLA on file so you can go ahead and get them
>   now. It is a good idea to have all of your IDs be the same (although
>   they don't have to be). Here's a list of services where you need to
>   register ASAP:
>        JIRA: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/Signup!default.jspa
>        Confluence: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/signup.action
>        ReviewBoard: https://reviews.apache.org/account/register/
>   2. Make sure to subscribe yourself to the following official project
>   mailing lists:
>            dev@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>            user@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>            commits@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>            issues@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>    these are *public* mailing lists that are open to anybody. All
>    communication about project development is expected to
>    happen in the open mostly on dev@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>    (you can see, for example, that this very email is sent to dev@).
>    In order to subscribe yourself to all these MLs make sure to
>    send an empty email to [ML name]-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>    For example, in order to subscribe to dev@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>    send an empty email to dev-subscribe@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>   3. One exception to the public communication rule is:
>           private@quickstep.incubator.apache.org
>    If you happen to be on the list of initial committers:
>           https://wiki.apache.org/incubator/QuickstepProposal
>    make sure to subscribe to that ML as well BUT ONLY AFTER
>    you submit an ICLA and recieve your official apache ID.
>    Use that ID to subscribe to the private mailing list. IOW, make
>    sure that the email used to subscribe to private mailing list
>    is <your ID>@apache.org.
>    Also, keep in mind NEVER EVER to forward emails from
>    private mailing list outside or CC folks directly on the
>    emails going to the private mailing list.
>   4. Here's an easy rule of thumb on how to use all these mailing lists:
>         * by default use dev@quickstep.incubator.apache.org. Apache prides
>            itself on very open governance model and hence most of the time
>            usage of dev@quickstep is exactly the right thing to do.
> Even if you have
>            questions about the ASF or boarding process -- send them to
>            dev@quickstep. All your mentors are reading that list and
> will be more
>            than happy to help.
>          * don't use private@quickstep for some time. Seriously --
> for the first
>             few months just be in listen mode. This mailing list is
> only useful
>             for discussing *really* sensitive things like security exploits or
>             deciding to change the composition of the project's community by
>             adding or removing committers and PPMC members.
>    5. Once you sign up for all the required services start
> familiarizing yourself
>    with the infrastructure that will become a single source of truth
> for Quickstep
>    development. This includes:
>          5.1. Main ASF Git repo:
>              http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-quickstep.git
>          This is where you will be committing code day in and day out
>          (and yes the above URL is what you give to git clone command)
>          5.2. Read-only Github mirror:
>               http://github.com/apache/incubator-quickstep
>          useful for sending and receiving pull requests and also reviewing
>          the incoming pull requests.
>          5.3. ASF JIRA:
>               https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/QUICKSTEP
>          this is the single most important place to keep track of any change
>          that is happening within the project
>          5.4. ASF Wiki:
>             https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/QUICKSTEP
>          This one of the few resources you can start contributing to right
>          away. In fact, don't delay -- just let me know your Wiki ID and start
>          adding pages. If you need inspiration take it from Geode:
>                https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/GEODE/Index
>          5.5. Reviewboard:
>                https://reviews.apache.org/account/login/?next=/dashboard/
>          This is a place for peer-reviews. E.g.:
>                https://reviews.apache.org/r/38060/
>          5.6. Our glorious website (that will get even more glorious soon):
>                http://quickstep.incubator.apache.org/
>          and the source code for our website:
> https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf?p=incubator-quickstep-site.git
> If you have any questions -- please don't hesitate to ask on
> dev@quickstep.incubator.apache.org.
> Thanks,
> Roman (on behalf of Quickstep mentor team).

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