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From Jignesh Patel <jipa...@pivotal.io>
Subject Re: Apache Quickstep (incubating) on-boarding
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 01:51:52 GMT
> Please give me an example of something that may be painful.

We have to go back to each PR and issue them back again in the same order. I don’t see an
easy way to do this in github (e.g. reopen a closed PR against a new repo). Maybe I’m missing

>> The cloning came somewhat of a surprise and caught us in the middle of a sequence
>> of PR that are targeting a milestone that is about 10 days off (getting TPC-H running
>> end-to-end before the students get off to the end-of semester sprint).
> Sure. But the cloning has little to do with PRs. Basically there's a
> state of the repo
> on ASF and Your side. That state needs to be synchronized (manually) one last
> time right before you all decide to cut over and start using ASF Git
> as a single source
> of truth. That part is super simple and has little to do with PRs.

Ok — let me dig though this and understand it better. 

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