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From Graham Dumpleton <grah...@dscpl.com.au>
Subject Re: Regex based publisher proposal
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 06:51:35 GMT

On 10/09/2006, at 12:28 PM, S├ębastien Arnaud wrote:

> I love the wiki you put together, lots of great stuff in there! I  
> am going to go back to the drawing board here due to all the new  
> things you presented available in mod_python 3.3 which I did not  
> know about. It looks like a fixuphandler would fit the bill for  
> what I am attempting to do. Once I get something working, I will  
> make sure to give more detailed info and a clear example of how the  
> framework/url matching works so that you can better advise on which  
> mod_python 3.3 features can be better taken advantage of.
> In regards to mod_python.publisher, it looks like indeed it is  
> better to divorce myself from it after the points you brought up.  
> On that topic though, should I reuse at all the ModuleCache object  
> to load & cache modules? Or is there something more efficient/ 
> better in mod_python 3.3?

Ignore the ModuleCache class which appears to be used by  
as when the new importer gets used in mod_python 3.3 it doesn't  
actually get used.

In mod_python 3.3, I would suggest you simply assume/require that the  
new module
importer is used and use apache.import_module() instead. The new  
module importer
is the default in 3.3, but it still patches itself in in place of the  
old module importers
and so just reading the code everything still looks to use the old.

The most important things you will want to know about  
apache.import_module() in
mod_python 3.3 are:

1. The first argument 'module' can actually now also be an absolute  
path to a module
code file, including '.py' extension. By specifying the actual  
location, you skip any
searching through directories trying to find an appropriate match.

2. You don't need to ever supply 'log' or 'autoreload' arguments as  
the function is now
able to always get them directly from Apache configuration  
information appropriate to
the request.

3. Because of (1), when using handler directives in Apache  
configuration, you can
now supply an absolute path for a handler module file as well. Where  
module file is
in non standard location, this avoids need to setup PythonPath. The  
need to set up
PythonPath explicitly should be much reduced and using it couldn't  
indicate a wrong
setup and you might even find mod_python complaining about it.

You can check out some of the behaviour of the new module importer by  
the old mailing list thread at:


There are lots of details though and not sure that these capture it  
all. I still need to
turn this all into a wiki page as well and use some of it for  
official mod_python docs. :-)

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