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From "Dan Eloff" <dan.el...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Fix to compile trunk on windows
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:44:37 GMT
On 9/11/06, Nicolas Lehuen <nicolas@lehuen.com> wrote:
> Sorry I usually don't use the VS GUI to build mod_python, only the
> dist/build_installer.bat script. I didn't even notice there was a VS
> .vcproject file until now :). That's why I haven't noticed the problem.

Not your fault, probably mine for assuming the VS project was the way
to go. I'm not familiar with the dist stuff, but probably it would
work. I like to manage the compiler settings myself usually so I can
turn on optimizations. Microsoft makes a pretty good optimizing

> In fact, I'm all in favor of dropping the VCPROJ file, because maintaining
> it could promptly become a mess, what with three differents version of VS to
> use (VS6 for Python 2.3, VS 2003 for Python 2.4 and who knows, VS 2005 one
> day ?).
> Anyone has an opinion on this ?

Well I would miss it. But you can do something that would be better.
Just make a text document with some cheat notes to help people get
started building mod_python with their favourite compiler. I've
included a sample of such a file, using it as a guide, I successfully
created a new project from scratch and buuilt mod_python. You can use
it as a base.


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