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From akabhishek1 <mailbox.abhishek.ku...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: qpid-jms-client-0.45 --> Suspected deadlocked threads - owned by JmsSession delivery dispatcher
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2020 13:31:55 GMT
Hi Robbie,

Sure, I will be happy to provide you testing feedback. 

I was doing testing with "qpid-jms-client-0.56.0-SNAPSHOT" and
"proton-j-0.33.8". So far I managed to found three issues. 
These issues are intermittent, however we can regenerate this issue in
couple of retries. I manage to capture error with Qpid Traces. Please find
below details.

Infrastructure Details --> Created 2 JMS connection instance for testing.
First JMS connection. 
 * 1 endpoint topic-subscription
 * 4 consumer/listener
Second JMS connection. 
 * 1 endpoint Queue
 * 4 consumer/listener 
Steps to reproduce this issue -
1. Start the application, which should start listening on both endpoints
with separate JMS connections
2. DO NOT publish any message for consumption
3. Keep Application idle for 5m or sometimes 20m. If you didn't get this
issue then please restart the application couple of times

**** Issue Details *****
1. Both JMS connection have one active listener, but still getting this
error - 'The connection was inactive for more than the allowed 120000
milliseconds and is closed by container
'7A2E0A0515A9427F82D1ACF7F25A024D_G12'. [condition =
amqp:connection:forced]' - 'class javax.jms.JMSException'
 We shouldn't get this error as we have 1 active listener on both JMS
connection. Please refer "Receiver_Timeout_120000_ms.txt" log file for more

2. Inconsistent JMS connection status while getting timeout error.
    a) Connection Active for Receiver TimeOut -  If we are getting timeout
error due to receiver then we can see that connection is active at time of
exception. Refer "Receiver_Timeout_120000_ms.txt"

   b) Connection InActive for No Session/Producer/Consumer -  Create a JMS
connection which does not have any session/producer/consumer and keep
application running.  We will get 60000ms idle timeout error after some
time. Please refer below logs.
We are using "JmsConnection.getClientID" to check connection status. Please
refer below sample method 'isConnectionActive'.
Problem - At receiver time out (a) connection is active, But at second
scenario (b) connection is inactive.
I think at both scenario connection should be inactive.
	TRACE 2020-12-03 12:40:05,354 [AmqpProvider
org.apache.qpid.jms.provider.amqp.FRAMES: [1314740929:0] RECV:
Close{error=Error{condition=amqp:connection:forced, description='The
connection was inactive for more than the allowed 60000 milliseconds and is
closed by container 'LinkTracker'.
TrackingId:8ac03af7d6794026ab3948b199e58a35_G5, SystemTracker:gateway5,
Timestamp:2020-12-03T12:40:05', info=null}}
TRACE 2020-12-03 12:40:05,364 [AmqpProvider
org.apache.qpid.jms.provider.amqp.FRAMES: [1314740929:0] SENT:
ERROR 2020-12-03 12:40:05,370 [QpidJMS Connection Executor:
org.mule.servicebus.SbusConnector: Connection exception, Reason 'The
connection was inactive for more than the allowed 60000 milliseconds and is
closed by container 'LinkTracker'.
TrackingId:8ac03af7d6794026ab3948b199e58a35_G5, SystemTracker:gateway5,
Timestamp:2020-12-03T12:40:05 [condition = amqp:connection:forced]' - 'class
isConnectionActive 'false'

****Sample Code ***
protected boolean isConnectionActive() {
        boolean connectionStatus = false;
        try {
            String clientID = getConnection().getClientID();
            connectionStatus = true;
        } catch (Exception e) {
            connectionStatus = false;
        return connectionStatus;

3. Use Case - We have 1 JMS connection, which will be used for publishing
	We know that ServiceBus detach active connection link, if we don't have any
active Producer/Consumer. 
	For avoiding this issue, we registered a timer which will periodically
create/reset temporary Session+Producer instead of JMS connection. This
solution help us to keep JMS connection live, so we don't need to reset JMS
connection again and again. We haven't faced any issue so far with old
client 0.45.0 jar.
	After upgrading the JAR, we are facing intermittent issue while resetting
Producer. Error Log - "Failed to reset temp producer -
javax.jms.JMSException: The service was unable to process the request;"
	Please refer "3rd_issue_Failed_To_Reset_Producer_Error.txt" for more

NOTE - We haven't faced above 3 issues with Old client 0.45.0 jar.

Could you please advise us on above 3 issues. Please feel free to let me
know for any other information.


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