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From bryand <br...@bldixon.net>
Subject Broker-J HA with just 2 brokers
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2018 20:23:21 GMT
I'm just getting started with QPid and want to setup HA with Broker-J.  We
are trying to replace our current ActiveMQ environment where we use a Master
Slave approach for HA and just have 2 nodes running.  I really want to just
have 2 nodes with Broker-J also because that setup has been working fine for
us with ActiveMQ and I really don't want to have 3 VMs used for both our
Test and Production Broker-J environments.

I've read the documentation regarding Required Minimum Number Of Nodes and
Allow to Operate Solo and it sounds as if those options are really meant for
manual use in a 2 node HA environment (for example you shouldn't have Allow
to Operate Solo enabled for more than one node at a time).

Is it possible to have a 3 node environment just using 2 brokers (so I can
just have 2 VMs for each of our Test and Production environments)?  For
example can I have one VirtualHostNode on Broker A and then 2
VirtualHostNodes on Broker B.  I've set this up but am not having much luck
getting either node on Broker B accept requests from a client (when I stop
the node on Broker A) even though the Virtual Host is reporting as ACTIVE on
Broker B - the client is reporting that the Virtual Host is unknown. 
However as soon as I start the Virtual Host Node on Broker A, I can
successfully have my (JMS) client connect to the MASTER Virtual Host Node on
Broker B.   

Anyway I'm wondering if the setup I'm trying (2 VMs with 1 Broker running on
each but 1 of the brokers has 2 VirtualHostNodes for the VirtualHost) is
even valid or do I really need to have 3 VMs with 1 Broker each running? 
Just trying to see if I can keep the same 2 VM setup we have for ActiveMQ.

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