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From Ted Ross <tr...@redhat.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release Qpid Dispatch Router 1.0.0 (RC3)
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2017 14:01:09 GMT
Please cast your vote on this thread to release RC3 as the official Qpid
Dispatch Router version 1.0.0.

Qpid Dispatch Router 1.0.0 RC3 can be found here:


The following issues have been fixed since RC1:

    DISPATCH-767 - Message Cut-Through/Streaming for efficient handling of
large messages
    DISPATCH-847 - Fix issues discovered by Coverity
    DISPATCH-858 - Simplify hard to follow LICENSE file
    DISPATCH-865 - Segmentation fault while running 2-node Artemis tests
    DISPATCH-867 - Messages stuck going through link route
    DISPATCH-870 - connection improperly reopened from closed connector
    DISPATCH-873 - new routes calculated wrongly after connector deletion

The following features, improvements, and bug fixes are introduced in 1.0.0:


    DISPATCH-390 - New pn_proactor-based IO driver
    DISPATCH-731 - Support wildcard tenant vhosts in address prefix
    DISPATCH-767 - Message Cut-Through/Streaming for efficient handling of
large messages
    DISPATCH-775 - allow authentication against a remote server
    DISPATCH-803 - refuse attach to undefined addresses
    DISPATCH-813 - Support wildcard format for link-routes
    DISPATCH-818 - Honor failoverList provided by connected brokers
    DISPATCH-844 - Make TLS cipher suites configurable


    DISPATCH-209 - Three+ router test is needed in the system test suite.
    DISPATCH-525 - What are proper names and units for protocol
configuration settings?
    DISPATCH-551 - disconnect connections that do not complete initial
protocol handshake within a given time
    DISPATCH-584 - Large, highly redundant router networks generate
excessive inter-router message traffic
    DISPATCH-744 - Reject unsettled deliveries to multicast addresses by
    DISPATCH-770 - Show error if creating an entity using web console fails
    DISPATCH-771 - Mark mandatory fields when creating a new entity in the
web console
    DISPATCH-788 - Create peer linkage for presettled deliveries so we can
use this to handle muticast dispositions
    DISPATCH-795 - Sort entity names on Schema page to make them easier to
    DISPATCH-796 - The Python and the C management agents do not have an
AMQP header in their responses.
    DISPATCH-809 - Add options to enable Sanitizers to CMake build
    DISPATCH-827 - Large message discard buffer too small
    DISPATCH-828 - Discarded message processing does not close callback
    DISPATCH-839 - Improve the batching of allocated objects
    DISPATCH-858 - Simplify hard to follow LICENSE file

Bugs Fixed:

    DISPATCH-421 - Toasts messages are not logged in the rolldown "logging
    DISPATCH-430 - Cursor snaps way above peaks in a rate chart
    DISPATCH-571 - Driver spins when a listener accepts a socket while FDs
are all in use
    DISPATCH-737 - qdstat and qdmanage always force sasl exchange
    DISPATCH-741 - Coverity scan reported errors in Qpid Dispatch master
    DISPATCH-743 - Intermittent SSL Failure
    DISPATCH-747 - Console does not handle connection errors well
    DISPATCH-748 - Error message shown when rapidly clicking treeview on
left side of hawtio console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property
'height' of null
    DISPATCH-749 - unmapping all link-routing addresses leaves half of
addresses mapped
    DISPATCH-750 - Missing icons and bad rendering of dynatree treeviews in
Microsoft Edge 14
    DISPATCH-752 - With more than one outbound SSL connections, failure in
one affects all others
    DISPATCH-753 - Neither version of console is usable on Internet
Explorer 10 or 11
    DISPATCH-754 - Output of qdstat shows authentication on client SSL
connections as anonymous (x.509)
    DISPATCH-756 - Fix Fedora and Ubuntu docker files to use libuv and
    DISPATCH-757 - Qpid Dispatch does not compile under Ubuntu
    DISPATCH-758 - test_listen_error() in system_tests_one_router.py and
system_tests_http.py hang inside a docker environment
    DISPATCH-759 - Core thread consumed deleting deliveries
    DISPATCH-761 - Router crash on abrupt close of sender/receiver
    DISPATCH-762 - Hawtio console does not show details about a connection
whereas stand-alone console does
    DISPATCH-763 - Router crashes when config file defines listener { addr:
} instead of { host: }
    DISPATCH-765 - Three unit tests failing under travis on trusty
    DISPATCH-766 - Update Dockerfile-ubuntu to include libwebsockets
    DISPATCH-768 - On topology page, show connections that go to more than
one router
    DISPATCH-769 - Links popup on topology page only shows a single link
    DISPATCH-772 - Buttons to Create and Delete entity disappear after
navigation in either version of console
    DISPATCH-777 - [system_tests_drain] pn_object_free: corrupted
double-linked list
    DISPATCH-779 - Credit is not issued for multicast address when no
receiver is connected
    DISPATCH-780 - When link is disallowed due to target/source name it
should not return amqp:resource-limit-exceeded
    DISPATCH-784 - Delivery annotations are not propagated by the router
    DISPATCH-787 - c epoll proactor can raise SIGPIPE
    DISPATCH-789 - Console breaks when quickly moving between tabs (both
hawtio and stand-alone)
    DISPATCH-790 - The right-mouse-click menu on Topology tab appears
off-center in the stand-alone console
    DISPATCH-791 - The node representing Console in Topology tab is not
    DISPATCH-792 - Freezing and moving nodes is somewhat broken (in either
version of console)
    DISPATCH-794 - Arrows in topology graph for IE 11 are hollow
    DISPATCH-798 - Policy description in Dispatch Router book seems to be
    DISPATCH-799 - Using USE_VALGRIND does not invoke valgrind when running
    DISPATCH-800 - Hawtio version of the console is unable to connect to a
router when running offline
    DISPATCH-802 - refuse transaction coordination links if they can't be
routed to a coordinator
    DISPATCH-804 - connectors ignore addr
    DISPATCH-805 - System test system_tests_sasl_plain fails in systems
with TLSv1.2
    DISPATCH-806 - Go thru every deprecated entity and make sure a warning
is put out when a deprecated entity is used.
    DISPATCH-807 - Message handling requires flow control to limit memory
    DISPATCH-808 - Setting defaultDistribution: unavailable blocks qdmanage
    DISPATCH-810 - auto link fails to trigger
    DISPATCH-811 - Attributes tab label spelled 'Attriutes'
    DISPATCH-814 - Killing qdrouterd process takes a long time
    DISPATCH-815 - shebang python (#!/usr/bin/env python) gets evaluated on
make install
    DISPATCH-816 - Router crashes if connection closed while router is
processing attach on that connection
    DISPATCH-819 - In qd_message_send function pn_link_send return value is
    DISPATCH-820 - double delete of address hash
    DISPATCH-821 - recreating an address immediately after deleting it,
results in error
    DISPATCH-822 - loss of SSL connection breaks other SSL connections
    DISPATCH-823 - Improve logging for lost connections
    DISPATCH-824 - Remove deprecated entities and attributes from the
router schema.
    DISPATCH-826 - Specifying an invalid host on the connector crashes the
    DISPATCH-829 - The router does not set the "aborted" indication on
truncated, streamed deliveries
    DISPATCH-835 - The DETACH/CLOSE sequence causes a memory leak
    DISPATCH-837 - Coverity scan reported errors in Qpid Dispatch master
    DISPATCH-841 - Decrease default limit of rows returned by qdstat from
1000 to 100
    DISPATCH-842 - Include missing license information in the LICENSE file
    DISPATCH-846 - Memory leaks in ctest with valgrind
    DISPATCH-847 - Fix issues discovered by Coverity
    DISPATCH-855 - Router crash when disconnecting from console
    DISPATCH-857 - Router crash when ctrl-c on router that has a
libwebsockets listener connected to a console
    DISPATCH-860 - Link Route tests failing intermittently.
    DISPATCH-865 - Segmentation fault while running 2-node Artemis tests
    DISPATCH-866 - Assert in sys_mutex_lock
    DISPATCH-867 - Messages stuck going through link route
    DISPATCH-868 - Link Route endpoints not cleared if connection to
endpoint is lost
    DISPATCH-870 - connection improperly reopened from closed connector
    DISPATCH-873 - new routes calculated wrongly after connector deletion

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