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From Andreas Welchlin <andr...@welchlin.de>
Subject C++ Broker: combine bindings and routes
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:30:41 GMT
Hello All,
Please could you help me with a  problem combining bindings and routes.
I am running Qpid C++ Broker 1.36.0 on Ubuntu.

What I want to reach:
Producer P1 sends a durable message to a durable queue Q1 at broker B1. B1 sends the message
to broker B2 where consumer C1 should read the message. If C1 is not there then the message
should be received as soon as C2 connects to B2. Therefore B2 has also a durable queue Q2
from where the message can be received. 

My solution:
B1 and B2 are a federation, so I wanted to add a route from Q1 to Q2 but this was not possible
since you can just route to an exchange. So I created the exchange E2 on B2. Then I installed
a route from Q1 to E2 and created a binding from E2 to Q2.

The binding from E2 to Q2 works when I send a message to E2.

The route from Q1 to E2 works when I send a message to Q1.

But when I send a message to Q1 and want to read it from Q2 this does not work (nothing is
received)  and I have no clue why.

Should it be possible to combine routes with bindings?

Is my approach a proper solution or should it be different?

Kind Regards
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