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From Chenxiong Qi <qcxh...@gmail.com>
Subject When need to call Acking.release
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 07:04:13 GMT

I would like to accept a received message manually by calling
self.accept inside on_message callback. When I'm reading the document,
there is also Acking.release for releasing received message so that it
can be handled by other receivers.

I'm not quite sure if a received message is not accepted, is it
necessary to call self.release inside on_message? In what conditions
it has to be called?

The document mentions "making it available at the source", what does
it mean by "source", can you explain it more specifically?

I'm using python-qpid-proton to send and receive message to and from
ActiveMQ brokers.

Thank you very much.

Chenxiong Qi

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