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From Dan Langford <danlangf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Dispatch Router questions
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 23:12:52 GMT
On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 9:58 AM Ted Ross <tross@redhat.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 7:36 PM, Dan Langford <danlangford@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > > - Can I configure QDR to autoLink in and out ANY/ALL addresses?
> > No.  There is no way currently for QDR to know what queues are present on
> > its connected brokers.  It would not be difficult to write a program to
> > synchronize autolinks to existing queues.

You are right it wouldn't be that difficult. Also with artemis I can turn
on autocreation of queues and then then use QDR as the spot to manage what
queues can exist. Not bad. What about synchronizing autoLink config across
routers in a QDR network? are messages to the $management queue broadcast
throughout the cluster? i could always resend the necessary messages
through the _topo address namespace to get it to the other routers.

> > > - Artemis doesn't support vhosts. Can I configure connections to
> vhost:Foo
> > > address:bar actually be address:Foo.bar when the message goes back to
> the
> > > broker?
> > Yes.  There is a multi-tenancy feature for listeners that does exactly
> what
> > you are asking for.  If you add the attribute "multiTenant: yes" to the
> > configuration of a listener in the qdrouterd.conf file, clients connected
> > via that listener will have their addresses annotated as vhost/addr in
> the
> > router.

ok this is going to be perfect.  i am starting to feel more comfortable
with everything in this config file

> > - Can I configure QDR to pass auth through to the broker and let the
> broker
> > > decide is the user is authenticated and authorized? Inversely can I
> > > configure QDR to be the only determinate of auth?
> > Presently, QDR expects to be the sole determiner of authentic identity.

> There is an open request to add a SASL proxy that might be used to allow
> > the broker to do authentication on behalf of the router, but that hasn't
> > made it into master yet.

this is one part that has me a little stuck. QDR is the sole determiner of
auth identity. but QDR delegates to a cyrus sasl config right? and cyrus
sasl has some local DB options or sql or ldap or it can delegate to
kerberos or pam and i am just starting to feel a little lost in all my auth
option because its been a long time since i have been through all that. i
will figure it out well enough. i kind of wish there was a way i could send
a message in through $management to add a new user/pass to the sasldb but
ill figure something out.

also, in regards to auth where is it that i specify what users have access
to what addresses? it looks like that might be in the config in
vhost>groups but then i see a policy area of the config. ill start in the
vhost>groups area and see how far i get

> > > I think depending on what I learn on these topics I will likely have
> more
> > > questions. Thank you to anybody who is able to give me a lead or point
> me
> > > to a config that may serve as an example. I really do appreciate it.
> > Please don't hesitate to ask more questions or point out where there is
> > lack of documentation.  We appreciate it as well.

so i had another question come up in my research today. i have a single F5
BIG IP VIP that sits in front of all my VMs that are across two different
geographic locations. due to the two locations i want, well, two of
everything in a way that i can use all the resources at my disposal but
still function if one location goes offline. So here are (R)outers and
(B)rokers in locations (a) and (b)

in order for me to be able to produce messages into Ba and Bb i found that
each one of my Routers needed a connection to each one of my Brokers.

Ra --> Ba
Ra --> Bb
Rb --> Ba
Rb --> Bb

Ra --- Ba
   \ /
   / \
Ra --- Bb

it was really cool that i could send messages to Ra and see them fill up
both Ba and Bb. Receiving across both brokers also worked. But i was hoping
for more of a configuration where the Routers where only connected to a
single Broker and all the Routers knew about each other.

Ra --> Ba
Rb --> Bb
Ra <-> Rb

Ra --- Ba
Ra --- Bb

but in this configuration messages sent to Ra only got routed to Ba and
when i made a consumer on Ra i could only get messages off of Ba. Do you
know what someone would need to do in the configuration to support this?
 or is this architecture not ideal? the next thing i was going to try was
to make the Cost of Ra --> Ba = 2 so that it was equal to the Cost of Ra
--> Rb --> Bb and then maybe they would be considered as equal routes and
messages would balance between them. i dont think this explains why i
couldnt consume from both.  ill work on that tomorrow maybe.

any ideas you might have would be cool. thanks again. i really appreciate
your insight

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