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From Andrew Stitcher <astitc...@apache.org>
Subject Heads Up: Proton-1474 Changes the way that the Proton-c Proactor and Core libraries are detected using CMake
Date Thu, 11 May 2017 00:29:01 GMT
I've just checked in PROTON-1474, which will be in 0.18.0. A side
effect of the changes I made there change the way you detect the
Proactor/Core libraries when building programs that use Proton-c.

Previously you put:

  find_package(Proton REQUIRED)

in your CMake build file. and Proton_FOUND would be set to True if
Proton is detected together with Proton_INCLUDE_DIRS &

This still works if you want the previous (legacy version) of the
Proton library.

If you want the Core or Proactor libraries these are now modeled as
package components. To use them you may do (variants of):

  find_package(Proton REQUIRED Core Proactor)
  find_package(Proton OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS Core Proactor)

As well as the overall Proton_FOUND and Proton variables as detailed
above component specific variables are also set:
  Proton_Core_Found, Proton_Core_INCLUDE_DIRS & Proton_Core_LIBRARIES
  Proton_Proactor_Found, Proton_Proactor_INCLUDE_DIRS &

If you have not changed your code and you are still using the legacy
Proton library you need not change anything (most of you I expect). But
if you are using the Core library or the Proactor library then you may
have to change your CMake build files a little.

I will be glad to answer question, clarifications etc.


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