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From Adel Boutros <Adelbout...@live.com>
Subject Re: Qpid Dispatch Router 0.8.0 Release Candidate 1
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2017 10:30:18 GMT
Hello Ted,

I thought the 0.8.0 release included the fixes to ignore IPv6 tests but it doens't seem to
be the case. Ganesh was working on fixing those.

Do you confirm they are not included? (http://qpid.2158936.n2.nabble.com/Fwd-GitHub-qpid-dispatch-pull-request-140-DISPATCH-216-Added-code-to-skip-system-te-td7658538.html#a7658571)

I launched the CI on the release candidate and got the same IPv6 failures as before

The following tests FAILED with ipv6 errors:
12 - router_policy_test (Failed)
19 - system_tests_protocol_family (Failed)

12: Test command: /python278/bin/python "/dispatch-workspace/build-dir/qpid-dispatch/tests/run.py"
"-m" "unittest" "-v" "router_policy_test"
12: Test timeout computed to be: 1500
12: Run python module 'unittest': PolicyError: u'Policy \'photoserver\' is invalid: Policy
vhost \'photoserver\' user group \'superuser\' option \'remoteHosts\' connectionOption \'::1\'
failed to translate: \'\'HostStruct: \\\'::1\\\' failed to resolve: \\\'"HostStruct: \\\'::1\\\'
did not resolve to one of the supported address family"\\\'\'\'.'

19: error: [Errno 97] Address family not supported by protocol



From: Ted Ross <tross@redhat.com>
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 1:32:42 PM
To: users@qpid.apache.org
Subject: Qpid Dispatch Router 0.8.0 Release Candidate 1

The first release candidate for Qpid Dispatch Router 0.8.0 is ready for

Build Artifacts:


New Features:

     DISPATCH-103 - Websocket Listeners
     DISPATCH-195 - Add support for transactional messages in the Router
     DISPATCH-441 - Support password environment variable in qdrouter config
     DISPATCH-467 - Terminus renaming for autoLinks
     DISPATCH-529 - Address annotation for Multi-Tenancy
     DISPATCH-726 - Connection Property for Failover Servers


     DISPATCH-113 - expose NodeTracker::last_topology_change in management
     DISPATCH-542 - Popup text for clients should indicate if the client
is a sender or receiver
     DISPATCH-543 - Initial load of topology page fetches too much
     DISPATCH-544 - Add ability to hide the info panel on the left of
the topology page
     DISPATCH-552 - Allow only one tree node to be expanded if there is
a large number of routers
     DISPATCH-553 - Add statistic counter to the "log" entity to count
log events per severity
     DISPATCH-559 - qdstat - Request only the columns that will be used
in the display
     DISPATCH-561 - Create python program that returns fake management data
     DISPATCH-568 - Iterator module cleanup
     DISPATCH-570 - Add some counts to qdstat -g
     DISPATCH-572 - Adding log info with proton transport id and related
remote IP/port
     DISPATCH-576 - Use new log entity statistic counter in console
     DISPATCH-578 - Dispatch trace logging forces all proton tracing on
     DISPATCH-579 - Expose software version via management
     DISPATCH-592 - Attempt to auto-login to the host:port that served
the web page
     DISPATCH-597 - Log enhancements
     DISPATCH-600 - Support secure websockets
     DISPATCH-602 - Add a favicon to the stand-alone router site
     DISPATCH-606 - Default session window is too small, causing
performance bottlenecks
     DISPATCH-627 - BatchedSettlement test fails with timeout on slower
     DISPATCH-629 - Add a protocol-version to the inter-router protocol
to enable backward compatibility
     DISPATCH-641 - Make containerId attribute work with clients

Bugs Fixed:

     DISPATCH-55 - Qdrouterd does not exit when service port is unavailable
     DISPATCH-216 - system_tests_protocol_family fails on systems with
no IPv6
     DISPATCH-296 - segfault on router startup
     DISPATCH-301 - Some unit tests fail with workerThreads are set to 4
     DISPATCH-314 - If a router has a normal listener, show it in a
different color on the topology page
     DISPATCH-324 - Improve initial layout of topology node
     DISPATCH-344 - memory growth after repeated calls from qdstat -m
     DISPATCH-352 - Crash with empty configuration file
     DISPATCH-355 - query fails with what seems to be the error of a
previous command
     DISPATCH-357 - Address field is empty for link routed links in the
qdstat "links" output
     DISPATCH-433 - Navigating to console from bookmark displays empty
page with just toolbars
     DISPATCH-451 - [AMQP] Hard coded session capacity should be
     DISPATCH-503 - [display_name] successful test runs  have non-ascii
characters in router log
     DISPATCH-504 - [display_name] successful test runs have invalid
message errors  in router log
     DISPATCH-506 - Detach with no "error" sent by router on client TCP
connection dropped
     DISPATCH-516 - Core dump when displayname IO adapter receives
message with no reply-to
     DISPATCH-526 - Coverity scan reported memory leaks in Qpid Dispatch
     DISPATCH-527 - The $displayname address is currently available. It
should not be available to external users
     DISPATCH-530 - Cannot connect using Firefox 48+
     DISPATCH-534 - Node selection and location is lost when the
topology changes
     DISPATCH-536 - Circular buffer overflow errors occur when there are
a large number of routers
     DISPATCH-538 - Highlighted path between routers sometimes doesn't
     DISPATCH-540 - Clients with both in and out links are rendered in
     DISPATCH-541 - Highlighted path between routers contains black arrows
     DISPATCH-546 - Crosssection popup position is incorrect
     DISPATCH-547 - Stand-alone version can't download generated config
file for new nodes
     DISPATCH-554 - Topology nodes and links are too far apart when
there are a large number of routers
     DISPATCH-556 - qdstat fails at high scale
     DISPATCH-557 - High connection rates cause problems in the Python
management agent
     DISPATCH-560 - [console] Only use the color red to indicate a
     DISPATCH-563 - Topology graph flashes and redraws a few seconds
after it is 1st drawn
     DISPATCH-564 - Error when switching routers on Entities page
     DISPATCH-565 - Error fetching log on Entities page
     DISPATCH-566 - Message annotations are not propagated to brokers on
a linkRoute
     DISPATCH-567 - Slight but persistent memory leak when running java
messenger producer and consumer
     DISPATCH-569 - Dispatch does not compile due to new pn_event_type_t
enum values.
     DISPATCH-573 - Memory leaks on shutdown
     DISPATCH-574 - Restore Qpid dispatch docs into man and book folders
     DISPATCH-577 - Server logs show unexpected POLLNVAL errors.
     DISPATCH-581 - detach with closed=false propagated as closed=true
on link route
     DISPATCH-582 - Memory Leak with reactor client
     DISPATCH-583 - Random segmentation fault
     DISPATCH-585 - Firefox dropdown and buttons on list page have
incorrect padding
     DISPATCH-586 - Dispatch crash on running c sender and receiver
     DISPATCH-587 - Provide feedback when loading log entries
     DISPATCH-588 - Schema is not loaded if auto-login is enabled
     DISPATCH-589 - Missing links on topology page
     DISPATCH-594 - Log file over-written every time the router is restarted
     DISPATCH-595 - dispositions propagated after link detach on link route
     DISPATCH-596 - error is lost from rejected state in relayed disposition
     DISPATCH-598 - Router crash when calling sender and session close
methods in onLinkFLow()
     DISPATCH-599 - Link routing : messages is not transferred if sender
detach link immediately
     DISPATCH-601 - Valgrind errors in dispatch tests
     DISPATCH-603 - address resource leak
     DISPATCH-604 - Management - Link connection-id does not match
identities of connections
     DISPATCH-605 - Memory Leak with multple sender/receivers in one session
     DISPATCH-607 - Handle empty response from GET-MGMT-NODES
     DISPATCH-608 - Links not cleaned up when a close is sent without
being preceeded by a detach and end
     DISPATCH-609 - Name attribute is duplicated in QUERY response
     DISPATCH-610 - crash in qdr_link_cleanup_CT
     DISPATCH-611 - Router core dump with old config file
     DISPATCH-612 - Add support for GCC equivalent compiler options
     DISPATCH-613 - Remove semi-colon not needed after function definition
     DISPATCH-614 - strerror_r on Solaris does not return char*
     DISPATCH-615 - SunStudio doesn't convert pointers to bool correctly
     DISPATCH-616 - Arithmetic operations not allowed on void * pointer
     DISPATCH-617 - Define HOST_NAME_MAX on Unix OSes where
_POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX is defined instead
     DISPATCH-618 - Revert eventfd on Solaris
     DISPATCH-619 - Use memalign instead of posix_memalign which is not
defined on Solaris
     DISPATCH-620 - no-strict-aliasing is only supported with GCC
     DISPATCH-621 - Add missing string.h include for Solaris compiler
     DISPATCH-622 - use "-lpthread" instead of "-pthread" as compiler
error to avoid undefined symbol on Solaris
     DISPATCH-623 - Unreachable code (qd_field_iterator_free after a
return statement) detected on Solaris
     DISPATCH-624 - Add Atomic operations support on Solaris
     DISPATCH-626 - Add hints for getaddrinfo on Solaris
     DISPATCH-628 - [PATCH] Multiple connections per autoLink and
linkRoute overwrites connection handle
     DISPATCH-631 - Tests should be made conditional to skip tests for
SASL features that are not available
     DISPATCH-633 - Creating connectors and addresses returns success
codes of two different types.
     DISPATCH-634 - Dynamic Targets are unsupported
     DISPATCH-635 - The Ubuntu CI tests that involve two routers are failing
     DISPATCH-636 - README claims qpid-proton-c-devel >= 0.13 is
required; however, cmake complains with 0.14
     DISPATCH-637 - system_tests_sasl_plain and system_tests_deprecated
fail when cyrus-sasl-plain is not installed
     DISPATCH-640 - containerId field conflics with the connector name
     DISPATCH-642 - Fix recognition of Artemis broker on topology page
     DISPATCH-643 - Duplicate log messages show up on normal AMQP close
     DISPATCH-644 - Fix qdrouterd generating exit code 1 because of a
pipe issue in Daemon mode
     DISPATCH-646 - Link route tests which test the drain feature fail
     DISPATCH-647 - Coverity scan reported memory leaks in Qpid Dispatch
     DISPATCH-727 - qdmanage identity reporting and lookup are broken
     DISPATCH-728 - crash on shutdown with connector
     DISPATCH-729 - password-file option doesn't work correctly
     DISPATCH-730 - Coverity scan reported errors in Qpid Dispatch master
     DISPATCH-732 - CONN_MGR log module is used in connection_manager.c
but is missing from log schema
     DISPATCH-733 - First ssl test in system_tests_qdmanage.py fails

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