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From Oleksandr Rudyy <oru...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Performance degradation with Qpid JMS Client 0.20.0
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2017 17:29:35 GMT
Hi Tim,

Please find attached a sample application testing transaction
throughput for one publishing and one consuming connections.
By running it on my machine I see a difference in performance of ~15%
between 0.11.0 and 0.20.0.

Our performance test suite uses 10 publishing and 10 consuming
connections. The difference in performance is a bit bigger with it.

Btw, you can run the suite from qpid-java project using

mvn integration-test -f ./perftests/pom.xml -DskipTests=true \
-Dperftests=qpid-jms-client  -Dqpid.disttest.duration=20000   \
-Dperftests.hillclimb=true -Dperftests.hillclimb.minimum_delta=100
-Dperftests.hillclimb.max_runs=2 \
-Dperftests.test-config=./perftests/etc/testdefs \
-Dqpid-jms-client-version=0.11.0 \
 /// <--- parameters below are default values and can be skipped
-Dperftests.messaging-hostport-plain=localhost:5672 \
-Dperftests.messaging-hostport-tls=localhost:5671 \
-Dperftests.messaging-user=guest \
-Dperftests.messaging-password=guest \
-Dperftests.broker-virtualhostnode=default \
-Dperftests.broker-virtualhost=default \
-Dperftests.manangement-url=http://localhost:8080 \
-Dperftests.manangement-user=guest \
-Dperftests.manangement-password=guest \

The basic authentication needs to be enabled on http port in order to
run the suite. The suite contains 2 transaction and 2 auto ack tests.
Only transactions tests are affected. The difference in performance
for Auto ack is unnoticeable.
Potentially you can comment auto-ack tests in
./perftests/etc/testdefs/defaultTests.js and run only transaction

Kind Regards,

On 28 February 2017 at 17:04, Timothy Bish <tabish121@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/28/2017 08:10 AM, Oleksandr Rudyy wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> After upgrading Qpid JMS Client from version 0.11.0 to version 0.20.0
>> our performance test results  dropped approximately on 20-25% in the
>> performance tests testing transaction performance with trunk version
>> of Qpid Java Broker.
>> Changing client back to v0.11.0 and re-running the tests yields me the
>> same results as before the upgrade.
>> What changes on the client could be the reason for a performance drop?
> There was a great deal of change in the client to implement the extra bits
> needed to meet the JMS 2.0 specification requirements along with other
> changes to handle of the more interesting edge cases around JMS usages so
> it'd be hard to just pull out one change as the culprit without more
> research.  I'm not that surprised that there were some impacts.
> What would be helpful would be to pull out one affected test case where you
> see this drop in performance into a standalone test so we could run it in
> the Qpid JMS test suite and do some digging.
>> The performance test creates 10 publishing connections and 10
>> consuming connections. They produce/consume every message in separate
>> transactions. The consumer is synchronous. Each pair of producer and
>> consumer uses its own queue.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Alex
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