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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: pn_delivery_finalize Assertion failure
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:38:09 GMT
On Thu, 2017-03-09 at 02:06 -0700, Tobias Duckworth wrote:
> I got to the bottom of this problem.
> The problem is to to with the lifetime of the proton::delivery
> object.
> In a connection_engine build, the IO is asynchronous to the
> proton::handler
> interface, and therefore this problem may only occur in
> connection_engine
> builds (not absolutely certain, as I've not tested on a 'normal'
> build).
> When a message is received, it comes along with a delivery object.
> The
> delivery object can be used to accept, reject, release the delivery
> with the
> broker.
> Internally to the proton-c C implementation there are a complicated
> set of
> state transitions that happen which I have not totally got my head
> around.
> However, what I do know is that the delivery object needs to stick
> around
> until the operation is totally finished - Otherwise it's possible for
> the
> observed behaviour to happen, which causes the assertion failures or
> a much
> nastier crash.
> The call to proton::delivery::accept (or release, reject) returns
> almost
> straightaway, and then the actual work of settling the message with
> the
> broker happens when the underlying IO operation is invoked with
> process(),
> or process_nothrow(). If, by this time, the delivery object that was
> used
> has been deleted or destroyed, then the problem will happen
> Turning on tracing using PN_TRACE_FRM, one can see the following when
> the
> engine has finished with the delivery:
> [0x2b4af8030500]:1 -> @disposition(21) [role=true, first=124,
> last=124,
> settled=true, state=@accepted(36) []] .
> Unfortunately, there is no interface back to the C++ world to tell us
> when
> the delivery is finished with, and so there appears to be no way to
> know
> when it is safe to destroy the delivery object.

There are callbacks, but on the sender side the delivery is referred to
as a "tracker", "delivery" is only used on the receiver side. This is
an attempt to rationalize the API since there are different ops
relevant on sender and receiver side.

> Other than keeping proton::delivery objects sticking around in memory
> forever (which does solve the problem, but is not an option), does
> anyone
> have any ideas for solving this?
> It seems to me like the C++ proton::delivery object itself should
> know about
> whether it has been settled with the broker or not, so unless anyone
> has a
> better suggestion this is likely to be what I will add.

They should be deleted automatically without user intervention after
they settle and all events are processed. If you have a reproducer to
show they are not then raise a JIRA (even better if you attach a fix
:). Note that unsettled deliveries will outlive the link they were
created on, the AMQP spec allows settlement after the link has closed.

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