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From Chris Richardson ...@fourc.eu>
Subject Qpid tools with python vs qpid-cpp messaging
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 14:37:44 GMT

Since the integration of the qpid-tools with the main qpid-cpp project
in version 1.35 we've had a problem where in some environments the
tools (tested: qpid-stat, qpid-config) now require the c++ client url
format of <host>:<port> rather than the python format of
amqp[s]://<host>:<port>, resulting in errors such as:

$ qpid-stat -b amqp://localhost -e
Failed: ConnectionError - Invalid URL: amqp://localhost

Confusingly, this hasn't happened on all environments so I'm assuming
some factor such as installation order, previous versions or the
selected Swig bindings affects the outcome.

Changing to the c++ syntax fixes the problem for plaintext connections
but I'm unsure how to formulate an ssl connection since there is no
way I can see to pass "--connection-options={transport:ssl}" as one
would for a c++ client and the following python-esque syntax also

$ qpid-stat -b localhost:5671 --ssl-certificate cert.pem --ssl-key key.pem -e
Failed: MessagingError - Invalid option: ssl_certfile not recognised

There seems to be an API mismatch here and even if there wasn't I
can't see how it would work since I assume the c++ client would expect
to get its certs from an NSS db specified by the QPID_SSL_* env vars.

Could you please shed some light on what's going on here and how we
should proceed?

Thanks in advance


Chris Richardson, System Architect

FourC AS, Vestre Rosten 81, Trekanten, NO-7075 Tiller, Norway

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