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From Adel Boutros <Adelbout...@live.com>
Subject [Dispatch Router] Unexpected behavior when starting the same dispatch router twice
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 08:45:42 GMT

I was messing around with the Dispatch Router and noticed a weird behavior.

If I start the dispatch router with a config file a first time, the broker is started correctly
and is available.

If I start the same dispatch router a second time with the same config file, it doesn't fail
but in the logs it says the address is already bound but it continues processing the config

Do you confirm that the second start should crash the dispatch router?

Logs on starting second dispatch router


Fri Jan 20 09:40:58 2017 DRIVER (error) bind: Address already in use
Fri Jan 20 09:40:58 2017 AGENT (debug) Add entity: ListenerEntity(addr=, authenticatePeer=False,
cost=1, host=, identity=listener/, idleTimeoutSeconds=16, maxFrameSize=16384,
port=10501, requireEncryption=False, requireSsl=False, role=normal, saslMechanisms=ANONYMOUS,
stripAnnotations=both, type=org.apache.qpid.dispatch.listener)
Fri Jan 20 09:40:58 2017 POLICY (info) Policy configured maximumConnections: 0, policyFolder:
'', access rules enabled: 'false'
Fri Jan 20 09:40:58 2017 AGENT (debug) Add entity: Entity(defaultApplication=, defaultApplicationEnabled=False,
enableAccessRules=False, maximumConnections=0, policyFolder=, type=org.apache.qpid.dispatch.policy)



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