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From Keith W <keith.w...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Qpid java broker 6.0.4 - JDBC message store performance issues
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:53:27 GMT
Hi Antonie,

> One question remains, I tried to configure the connection pool (Bonecp) but
> did not manage to change the partitionCount, maxConnectionsPerPartition or
> minConnectionsPerPartition. I could not find any documentation for that. Do
> you know how I can set those values?

The BoneCP connection pool is configured by way of Qpid Broker's
context variables.

The variable names are:


There is general documentation about the setting of context variables
in the docbook:


You apply the above variables to your virtualhost (if you are using a
JDBC based virtualhost) or virtualhost node (if you are using a JDBC
based virtualhost node with 'provided' store) using the context editor
within the 'Edit' dialogue.
As context variable inherit, you can also apply them an place 'higher'
e.g. at the Broker, or from the environment or command line
(./bin/qpid-server -prop qpid.jdbcstore.bonecp.partitionCount=15)

Hope this helps.

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