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From Kim van der Riet <kim.vdr...@redhat.com>
Subject Qpid Interop Test Suite
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2016 16:02:44 GMT
I have been working for a while now on a set of interoperability tests 
for our AMQP 1.0 clients.  The idea is to have an installable set of 
tests that can be easily run against any running broker which combines 
our clients so that they send and receive messages from each other and 
test that the received messages match the sent ones.

Download: https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/qpid-interop-test.git
JIRA: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/QPIDIT/

These tests are end-to-end compatibility tests. Although the idea is to 
use them to test primarily the compatibility of our clients with each 
other, they also indirectly test that the broker does its part in 
handling messages containing a complete set of AMQP and JMS message 
types and content.  The tests don't look at what is happening on the 
wire at all, they only send message content and compare it to received 
message content.

The currently available tests are:
* AMQP type tests - send data in each of the official AMQP 1.0 simple 
and compound types;
* AMQP large content tests - send and receive messages containing bodies 
and headers with large amounts of data (up to 100MB).
* JMS messages test - sends and receives messages from all clients in a 
Qpid-JMS-compatible format.
* JMS headers and properties test - sends and receives all the 
client-settable JMS headers and all possible JMS property types in 
various combinations.

The current clients are:
* Proton C++
* Proton Python
* Rhea (Javascript)
* Qpid JMS (Only JMS tests at present)

The tests are designed to be reasonably modular so that it is easy to 
add both tests and client shims.

The tests run as follows:

* A Python test control program is run which coordinates the tests and 
test data (ie message/header/data content for each test)
* As the test runs, the control program sends a structured set of 
parameters to a sender "shim" (a simple client program) whose job it is 
to interpret the data sent to it as message content and send those 
messages. Similarly, the control program sends a request to receive 
messages to a receiver "shim" whose job it is to receive messages and 
send the received data back to the control program
* The control program then compares the sent data to the received data 
and passes or fails the test accordingly.

I have just made the tests installable which should make it easy to 
obtain, build and run.  The tests need Qpid Proton to be installed and 
built, also Rhea and Proton Python. The docs are still somewhat spotty, 
but I'll be happy to take feedback and answer questions on the list.

Future work includes the following:
* Get some visibility on the Apache Qpid web pages
* AMQP features test - tests the features of AMQP which affect or rely 
on interoperability between two clients
* Transactions testing - test that two clients that share in a 
transaction can interoperate
* Add some additional client shims as the need arises (Go, PHP, Perl 
* Fill in a few holes in the test capabilities (like compound AMQP types 
using more than just strings).
* How about getting a version of this running on Apache CI infrastructure?

I would like to encourage the community to take a look at this test 
suite and give it a try. I would be interested to hear any feedback, and 
I'll be happy to answer any questions about it you may have. Of course, 
you are also welcome to file issues on the project JIRA (the project 
uses the QPIDIT key on the Apache JIRA.

Once I receive some feedback, I hope to release a snapshot of the 
current work, followed by an full release.

Thanks for your help,

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