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From Adel Boutros <Adelbout...@live.com>
Subject Re: [Proton-c] [0.14.0] C++ sending/receiving bytes and map messages
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2016 15:52:14 GMT
Thank you Alan for your valuable input!

I am actually having problems on Windows (RelWithDebInfo mode) when using Bytes or Map message.

This is passing on Solaris and Linux.

Here is what I have so far:

Sending BytesMessage from Proton-c


* It hangs on the call to encoder::insert while trying to get a lock on "*this". It seems
the lock is acquired somewhere but never released.

* Stack trace:

> qpid-proton-cpp.dll!proton::codec::encoder::insert<proton::binary,proton::binary const
& __ptr64>(const proton::binary & x={...}, int (pn_data_t *, const proton::binary
&)* put=0x000007fb4164dd1f)  Line 121 + 0x11 bytes C++

* Client code
void sendBytes(const unsigned char* buffer, const int& len)
   std::cout << "sendBytes" << std::flush << std::endl;
   proton::message m;
   const char* signedStr = reinterpret_cast<const char*>(buffer);
   m.body(proton::binary(std::string(signedStr, len)));

   std::cout << "sendMessage" << std::flush << std::endl;
   MessagingSendOneHandler messagingSendHandler(url, msg, connectionOptions, nbOfTimesToSend);
//This is the typical handler which sends messages blindly
   std::cout << "sendMessage end" << std::flush << std::endl;

* Proton code (It hangs on the first line of the insert method "state_guard constructor":
template <class T, class U>
encoder& encoder::insert(const T& x, int (*put)(pn_data_t*, U)) {
    internal::state_guard sg(*this);         // Save state in case of error.
    check(put(pn_object(), coerce<U>(x)));
    sg.cancel();                // Don't restore state, all is good.
    return *this;
Receiving BytesMessage by Proton-c (Sent by JMS)
* It seems to receive an empty "proton::binary"  however "message.body().as_string()" has
For more info, please check : http://qpid.2158936.n2.nabble.com/Proton-c-0-14-0-Visual-Studio-Unable-to-extract-bytes-from-a-BytesMessage-sent-by-JMS-td7652317.html

Sending MapMessage by Proton-c
* Same hanging as BytesMessage but I have a different stack
* Code (buffer.c) The  while loop is called indefinitely loop it seems
while (pn_buffer_available(buf) < size) {
    buf->capacity = 2*(buf->capacity ? buf->capacity : 16);

* stack

  qpid-proton.dll!pn_buffer_ensure(pn_buffer_t * buf=0xffffffffe8ede5d1, unsigned __int64
size=387062319)  Line 145 C++
  qpid-proton.dll!pn_buffer_append(pn_buffer_t * buf=0x00000000021ecce8, const char * bytes=0x0000000017120ad0,
unsigned __int64 size=0)  Line 167 C++
  qpid-proton.dll!pni_data_intern(pn_data_t * data=0x0000000017120ad0, const char * start=0x0000000017118890,
unsigned __int64 size=35573120)  Line 437 C++
  qpid-proton.dll!pni_data_intern_node(pn_data_t * data=0x00000000021ecd80, pni_node_t * node=0x0000000000000000)
 Line 470 + 0x12 bytes C++
  qpid-proton-cpp.dll!proton::codec::`anonymous namespace'::pn_data_put_amqp_binary(pn_data_t
* d=0x00000000021ece68, const proton::binary & x={...})  Line 114 + 0x55 bytes C++
  qpid-proton-cpp.dll!proton::codec::encoder::insert<proton::binary,proton::binary const
& __ptr64>(const proton::binary & x={...}, int (pn_data_t *, const proton::binary
&)* put=0x000007f9d00edd1f)  Line 121 + 0x11 bytes C++
  messaging-feature-tests.dll!proton::value::operator=<proton::binary>(const proton::binary
& x={...})  Line 88 C++
> messaging-feature-tests.dll!proton::value::value<proton::binary>(const proton::binary
& x={...}, void * __formal=0x0000000000000000)  Line 82 + 0x3f bytes C++

* Send map code

   std::map<std::string, proton::value> values;

   values["keyString"] = "value";
   values["keyInt"] = maxIntegerValue;
   values["keyLong"] = maxLongValue;

   proton::message m;

   int8_t jmsMapMessageType = 2;
   m.message_annotations().put("x-opt-jms-msg-type", jmsMapMessageType);
   sendMessage(m, nbOfTimesToSend);



From: Alan Conway <aconway@redhat.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 8:30 PM
To: users@qpid.apache.org
Subject: Re: [Proton-c] [0.14.0] C++ sending/receiving bytes and map messages

On Thu, 2016-10-20 at 12:59 +0000, Adel Boutros wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems with 0.12.2, we were able to receive a bytes message by
> using (msg.body.get(std::string)). However it seems this is no longer
> the case on 0.14.0.
> I was wondering if there is there an example which explain how to
> send bytes and map messages?
> I found the below code for bytes in reactor_send.cpp :
>         proton::binary content;
>         content.assign((size_t) size, 'X');
>         message_.body(content);

examples/cpp/simple_send.cpp sends a map, the proton::binary type is
the right way to send bytes. examples/cpp/encode_decode.cpp shows how
to convert a variety of C++ types to/from a proton::value, which is the
type used to set/get the message body. There is also some discussion in
the docs https://qpid.apache.org/releases/qpid-proton-0.15.0/proton/cpp

Please shout if you have more questions or suggestions to improve the


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