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From Ted Ross <tr...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: dispatch router configuration
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 12:11:29 GMT

On 08/31/2016 07:46 AM, Vince Cole wrote:
> Hi
> I want to route AMQP 1.0 messages from a named queue/topic on a remote
> 'source' broker, to a queue/topic (name doesn't matter, can be the same as
> the source for simplicity) on a remote 'destination' broker, on Linux
> (Centos 7.0) using qdrouterd.
> Is this possible?
> Is there an example of a qdrouterd config file that does this?
> So far, my attempts at a config file are either rejected by qdrouterd or
> cause it to segfault.
> Clearly, I must be making some fundamental errors, but I can't find a basic
> guide anywhere.
> The online docs and manpages seem to assume that the reader has quite
> advanced knowledge of the qpid system already. I have none.
> FYI, the source broker is Qpid (cpp) 0.34 and the destination broker is
> ActiveMQ 5.14 but I guess this shouldn't make much difference...?
> Thanks in anticipation


Thanks for your feedback.  I'd be interested in seeing the 
configurations that caused the router to segfault.

Your scenario should work.  I've just tried it with one router and two 
qpidd brokers.

First create two connectors to establish connections to the source and 
destination brokers.  These connectors must have the role 
"route-container" because they will be used with auto-links.

Then create two auto-links, one for pulling messages from the source 
queue and one for delivering messages to the destination queue.  If you 
have more than one queue/topic, add a pair of auto-links for each.  Note 
that the auto-links have phase set explicitly to "0".  This is needed 
for auto-link to auto-link transfer.

In this example, the name of the queue is "transfer-queue".  As of 
version 0.6.1, they need to have the same name.  There is a roadmap 
feature planned that will allow the names to be different.

connector {
     port: 20000
     name: source-broker
     role: route-container

connector {
     port: 20001
     name: destination-broker
     role: route-container

autoLink {
     addr: transfer-queue
     connection: source-broker
     dir: in
     phase: 0

autoLink {
     addr: transfer-queue
     connection: destination-broker
     dir: out
     phase: 0


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