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From Bhargav Bhalerao <bhargav.bhale...@gmail.com>
Subject Help: Qpid shuts down itself automatically - Java qpid 0.32
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 08:08:50 GMT
Hi All

I have 5 amqp queues in created in java qpid broker 0.32. I have enabled
all amqp versions on these queues.

My spring java application listens to these 5 queues continuously using
spring framework jms listeners using qpid v0.32 jms client.

I have set heartbeat=5 in client url.

SSL is enabled.

When qpid and application is idle overnight, it is observed that qpid
broker automatically shuts down.

We have to restart it everyday morning.

Please suggest a solution.

exhaustive debug logs attached for the time just before qpid goes down.

I am new to qpid broker and did not understand much in logs.

Request your kind help.


Bhargav Bhalerao

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