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From Tobias Duckworth <thebarrelshif...@gmail.com>
Subject qpid-proton 0.12.2 connection_engine and ssl
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2016 16:26:43 GMT

I've used qpid-proton-0.12.2 in my application as a connection_engine or 
io::socket_engine. I need to arrange for the connect and reading/writing 
to happen asynchronously and my implementation sits within an existing 
io framework.

Everything has integrated quite nicely, apart from SSL, which I cannot 
get to work.

I have some straightforward C++ examples, one of which derives from 
connection_engine, and the other from container. I can see that for the 
container example ssl_init gets called from connection_options.cpp and 
everything then works nicely, whereas for the connection_engine example 
it does not.

The problem seems to be that for the connection_engine build 'outbound' 
is not set, and therefore ssl_init does not get called.

Please could someone explain how to implement an amqp client using the 
connection_engine framework that supports SSL?

Many thanks,

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