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From Justin Ross <justin.r...@gmail.com>
Subject Qpid source code reorg update
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 00:02:30 GMT
Proposal: https://github.com/ssorj/qpid-svn-reorg
Previous discussion:

Hi, everyone.

Since my last update, I have been trying to get the revamped C++ tests to
function under Windows.  I've had only mixed success, but now I believe
it's time to press on.

To recap, in addition to reorganizing the source modules for independent
releases, my work overhauled the C++ tests.  This means that there is now
greater potential for Qpid C++ testing on Windows, but that potential will
require more work to realize.

You can see some representative output here:


High level summary: the unit tests are not working[*] (and perhaps most of
all, I'd like go get *them* working), but many of the other tests are
working as expected.  I am satisfied that most of the infrastructure for
making those tests work is in place, and we can start to tackle these
things as individual test issues, not test suite design issues.

On Linux (or rather on my F23 box), the tests are in relatively good
shape.  I don't believe the test situation wrt Windows is a regression.
Rather, even though there are many problems to address, I think it may be a
net improvement.

Aside: there have been some related usability improvements as well.  The
install mechanisms now include batch files so that important tools such as
qpid-config and qpid-python-test are executable from the Windows command

What's next?  I'm now up against the scheduled release of Proton 0.13.0.
Here's the sequence I have in mind:

  - Merge my changes to "trunk" (see also
  - Start the Proton 0.13.0 release process
  - Meanwhile, address new issues arising from the reorg
  - Complete the Proton 0.13.0 release
  - Start and complete the Qpid C++ 1.35.0 and Qpid Python 1.35.0 releases,
using Proton 0.13.0 as a tested dependency



[*] In the appveyor output above, the part where the unit tests run, you
see a failure about not finding the appveyor-vm cert.  Qpidd on Windows by
default tries to find a cert in CurrentUser/My.  The PowerShell scripting I
use to set up the appveyor cert can be adapted to add one there, but it
produces a dialog box warning that I have not yet been able to suppress
(grumble).  I have also tried to configure the unit tests to load the cert
from LocalMachine/My using QPID_* environment variables.  While those
variables have an effect on the daemon, they do not seem to have any effect
on the unit tests binary.

In any case, when I run the unit tests on a local windows machine where I
can setup the certs correctly, I see another and more cryptic failure.

Some related pieces.  Please let me know if you have suggestions.  I would
really like to make this work under appveyor.


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