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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject [c++] Proposal for application function injection.
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 21:09:44 GMT
The proton::container is single threaded, once you call run() you can't
interact with it from other threads.

I'd like to propose a "function injection" interface. I think the
analogous thing could be done for all the languages. The Go binding
already has this mechanism.

The idea is to provide a thread safe call that injects a simple
"callable" object with no parameters and no return value.

In  C++11 this is easy to do: 

class container {
    void inject(std::function<void()>)

Semantics: calling inject() will queue the injected function to be
called as soon as is reasonable in the run() thread.

Context: depending on what you are doing the injected function might
need a little or a lot of context, so the signature is deliberately
empty. For example, you want to open a new connection:

c.inject(std::bind(container::connect, c, my_url))

OR if you want to call a user method on one of your own handlers:

c.inject(std::bind(my_handler_type::myfunc, myhandler, args...))

OR if you want to send a message safely on a sender belonging to the

c.inject(std::bind(proton::sender::send, mysender, mymessage))

In C++03 we can support the functionality in a clunky way that is not
very efficient or easy to use, but works:

container {
    /// For older C++ only
    struct injected_function {
~injected_function() {}
        virtual void operator() = 0;
Create a new injected_function instance for each call,
    /// it will
be deleted in the run() thread after it is called.


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