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From jjw tectec <jjw.tec...@gmail.com>
Subject federated broker system with duplicate routes - no message duplication observed
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 19:02:16 GMT
I've set up a simple 4-broker system, where between Bs (source broker) and
Bd (destination broker) are two middle brokers set up in parallel, like

[image: Inline image 1]

The script that I used to set up all the resources & routes is shown at the
end of this message.
I attached a publisher to Bs and attached 3 subscribers to the other 3
What I was expecting to see was all 3 brokers should see messages.
The actual observation was: Only B1 and Bf received messages. B2 never
received messages, even when B1 was down.

route map showed that all broker connections were set up as expected, but
why would only the first route work and not the other? (I have added more
brokers B3 B4... into the test, always, only the first established route
would work.) Please help.



----------------------script used for setting up the broker

~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $Bs add queue $QUEUE --durable
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B1 add queue $QUEUE --durable
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B2 add queue $QUEUE --durable

~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B1 add exchange topic $EX
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B2 add exchange topic $EX
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $Bd add exchange topic $EX

~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B1 bind $EX $QUEUE $QUEUE
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B2 bind $EX $QUEUE $QUEUE

~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $B1 $Bs $EX $QUEUE
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $Bd $B1 $EX $QUEUE
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $B2 $Bs $EX $QUEUE
~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $Bd $B2 $EX $QUEUE

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