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From jjw tectec <jjw.tec...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: federated broker system with duplicate routes - no message duplication observed
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2016 22:19:20 GMT
I sent out the email more than 3 days ago, but it's still not appearing in
the mailing list. Has it been deleted from the archive?

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 1:02 PM, jjw tectec <jjw.tectec@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've set up a simple 4-broker system, where between Bs (source broker) and
> Bd (destination broker) are two middle brokers set up in parallel, like
> this:
> [image: Inline image 1]
> The script that I used to set up all the resources & routes is shown at
> the end of this message.
> I attached a publisher to Bs and attached 3 subscribers to the other 3
> brokers.
> What I was expecting to see was all 3 brokers should see messages.
> The actual observation was: Only B1 and Bf received messages. B2 never
> received messages, even when B1 was down.
> route map showed that all broker connections were set up as expected, but
> why would only the first route work and not the other? (I have added more
> brokers B3 B4... into the test, always, only the first established route
> would work.) Please help.
> Thanks
> jjw
> ----------------------script used for setting up the broker
> network-------------------------------
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $Bs add queue $QUEUE --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B1 add queue $QUEUE --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B2 add queue $QUEUE --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B1 add exchange topic $EX
> --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B2 add exchange topic $EX
> --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $Bd add exchange topic $EX
> --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B1 bind $EX $QUEUE $QUEUE
> --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-config -a $B2 bind $EX $QUEUE $QUEUE
> --durable
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $B1 $Bs $EX $QUEUE
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $Bd $B1 $EX $QUEUE
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $B2 $Bs $EX $QUEUE
> ~/qpid/qpid-tools-0.32/src/py/qpid-route -v -d queue add $Bd $B2 $EX $QUEUE

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