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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Avoiding sending the link address in the message payload
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 19:09:06 GMT
On 01/06/2016 11:40 PM, Deb Haldar wrote:
> Hi guys, I’m using the
> http://qpid.apache.org/proton/messenger.htmland created a simple app
> following the example here:
> http://qpid.apache.org/releases/qpid-proton-0.11.1/messenger/c/examples/send-async.c.html.
> Since we’re setting the address per message , the link isbeing sent
> with each message. pn_message_set_address(message, address); This is
> increasing our payload size. Is there a way to setthis address per
> messenger instance to reduce the payload size ?

I'm not able to answer authoritatively I'm afraid as I don't know the 
messenger client that well. However one idea is to try the 
pn_messenger_route() function, e.g.

   pn_messenger_route("*", "amqp://user:password@broker/xyz");

I haven't tried this however and so don't know if messenger will allow 
you to then put messages with no address at all. Perhaps you could try 
setting it to a zero length string if not. Worst case it should at least 
let you use a single char as the to field which would hel with the 
payload a little.

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